Spirulina Feeds the Starving

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Chlorella and Spirulina, the two most powerful foods in the world, hold the keys to feeding the world.  They are the most nutritionally dense foods, and have the broadest array of spirulina_bnutrients of any foods know.  They are also incredible inexpensive to cultivate compared to the amount of nutrition they possess.  I have said for many years that these foods could feed the world and they if anyone is starving and/or malnourished this would solve their problem.

Well apparently someone else has caught on to the idea and is actually solving the problem of malnutrition in children in India.

Chlorella-spirulina-tablets-powder-hi-resThe Department of Women and Child Development has launched a dietary supplement programme for anganwadi children in Karnataka claiming that the initiatives carried out by three major corporates had yielded positive results in addressing malnutrition.  Deccan Herald

Once health officials in Karnataka, India started giving spirulina to children they saw the results immediately.  

According to the department’s data, there are 23,295 “severely malnutritioned” children. But, it has set aside a budget of Rs 3.6 crore for administering Spirulina to 25,000 children.  Deccan Herald

chlorella-pondsAnd the results were so good, they increased the program and are planning to start using it in others India states. 

[Consuming spirulina] has brought down malnutrition levels from 33 per cent to eight per cent. Following this, a decision was taken to supply Spirulina to all the districts in Karnataka.  Deccan Herald

If only they’d started doing this sooner, but at least they are doing it.   Spirulina and chlorella are capable of feeding the world.

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Rush Limbaugh and the Futility of Disease Telethons

by Dr. Bob McCauley

Rush Limbaugh’s EIB Network Cure-A-Thon Raises More Than $3 Million for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – yet no one has ever been helped in fighting cancer or finding a cure for Cancer.

Like every “disease ribbon”, “awareness bracelet”, and money raiser – people want to help, but that is not where the answer lies in curing cancer, Alzheimer disease or any disease.   The cure for disease is found in the produce department of your favorite supermarket.

The final number’s gonna come somewhere north of $3 million, in our 26th year of doing this.  That amount of money generated essentially in a three-hour radio program, but it wasn’t three hours because we didn’t go wall-to-wall content on the radiothon.  I bet you, if I went and tabulated it, we probably spent 45 minutes total, because we did the rest of the program as well.   Rush Limbaugh

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.    Shoe fits perfectly on this one.

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Tulsi: Powerful Adaptogen

By Dr. Bob McCauley

  • Holy Basil Is Known As the “Elixir Of Life” tulsi
  • Legendary Ability to Promote Longevity
  • Radiation Removal Properties
  • An Adaptogen: Strengthens the Body’s Response to Physical/Emotional Stress
  • Promotes Balance and Homeostasis Throughout the Body
  • Holy Basil Supports the Cardiovascular System
  • Regulates Insulin Levels to Help Balance Blood Sugar
  • Holy Basil has Healing Power
  • Excellent For Digestion
  • Supports the Respiratory System  
  • Contains Antibacterial, Antifungal Properties
  • Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

tulsi2Holy Basil is known as the “Elixir of Life” because of its legendary ability to promote longevity.  It is an adaptogen meaning it enhances the body’s natural response to physical and emotional stress, promoting balance and homeostasis in the body.  Holy Basil supports the cardiovascular system and regulates insulin levels.  It has healing power.   It is excellent for digestion and the respiratory system.  It has Antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The health benefits of holy basil, also known as tulsi, include oral care, relief from respiratory disorders, as well as treatment of fever, asthma, lung disorders, heart diseases and stress.  Holy Basil, which has the scientific name Ocimum Sanctum is undoubtedly one of the best medicinal herb that has been discovered.

radiationBasil is well known for removing radiation from the body.   The radio-protective effects of Holy Basil are mainly attributed to the flavonoidsorientin and vicenin contained in the herb.  These flavonoids have been shown to protect against radiation-induced cellular damage in human cells through increased anti-oxidant properties that include enzymes, free radical scavenging and reduced lipid peroxidation.


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Pink Ribbon Mafia Gets an Earful

By Dr. Bob McCauley

I have always warned about the “Ribbon Mafia” – in particular the “Pink Ribbon Mafia”. These are the groups that raise money for the “cure” to every disease imaginable.  They are fundraisers, not cure finders, and everything – in the end – is about money.  We now need to endure an entire month – October – of men wearing pink, NFL and College football players wear pink jerseys and pink shoes, all done for “raising awareness” which is really about money raising – and nothing more than that.

Laurie Becklund, who passed away from breast cancer this year and was a staff writer at the

PHOTO: Medicinex.Stanford.edu

PHOTO: Medicinex.Stanford.edu

LA Times wrote a piece entitled “As I Lay Dying” at the end of her 20 year battle with breast cancer.  She tells it like it is, and said exactly what I have been saying for years.  The Ribbon Mafia – who no one dares speak against, or not put on pink when they are told to, is nothing less than a racket, and could be best described as a charity racket in my opinion.

I had more than 20 mammograms, and none of them caught my disease. In fact, we now have significant studies showing that routine mammogram screening, which may result in misdiagnoses, unnecessary treatment and radiation overexposure, can harm more people than it helps.” – “As I Lay Dying”by Laurie Becklund

At the top of my list of Ribbon Mafias is the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Here Your_cards
is a group that is more concerned with donating money to Planned Parenthood than it is about cancer research and finding a cure for cancer.  Boy did that ever backfire on them.  I found it difficult to get any work done for the next week or so since I just couldn’t stop giggling, even though Komen insisted that the response to their stupidity has been “very very favorable“.  Right, sure it was.   What a joke.

The most powerful organization in the breast cancer universe, Susan G. Komen , has raised $2.5 billion over the last 20 years, much more than many corporations will ever earn. Yet Komen channels only a fraction of those funds into research or systems to help those who are already seriously sick. Most of that money continues to go to a breast cancer “awareness” campaign that is now painfully out of date.  Becklund wrote.

I adore Becklund’s dissection of the Susan G. Komen foundation and I wish she would have done more to expose this completely fraudulent organization that bullies their way into board rooms to make demands of support and thakoment everyone wear PINK damn it.  Apparently wearing pink must actually scare cancer cells.  Why would they want to find a cure for a disease that is making them millions of dollars each year.

“We are each, in effect, one-person clinical trials. Yet the knowledge generated from those trials will die with us because there is no comprehensive database of metastatic breast cancer patients…”Becklund wrote.

“Promise me you’ll nepink-ribbonver wear a pink ribbon in my
name or drop a dollar into a bucket that goes to breast cancer ‘awareness’ for ‘early detection for a cure,’ the mantra of fund-raising juggernaut Susan G. Komen, which has propagated a distorted message about breast cancer and how to ‘cure’ it,”
Becklund wrote

Far more people die of lung, colon and rectal cancer, so why the focus on breast cancer?  Because it’s about women, and it’s a woman’s cause and they need to “march together to fight this disease” as if marching and defiance and awareness ever cured anyone of anything.  But it makes good sound bites.  Besides, 25% of all people who die of breast cancer are men.  Oops. 

1. Lung and bronchial cancer: 792,495 lives

2. Colon and rectal cancer:268,783 lives

3. Breast cancer: 206,983 lives  Live Science

Promise me, I told my friends and family, that you’ll never say I died ‘fighting a courageous battle with breast cancer. Becklund wrote

I love this quote because people who get very ill, especially with cancer, and especially children, suddenly become courageous.  I have never understood this.

Susan G. Komen’s income was $287,409,269 in 2014 and allegedly 79% went into its programs for education, research and support, yet besides being aware, the money spent for over 30 years ($2.6 billion worth) did little for the survival rates of the breast cancer that actually kills – MBC.  Althealth Works.

Pretty in pink, and pink is pretty to a lot of girls.  But money is green, and that is the pink-ribbonprettiest color in the universe to the Komen foundations of the world.  If you want to protest next October during “wear pink or else” month refuse to put on any pink and instead wear green, the color that Ribbon Mafia really is about: the money.

“Pink is pretty, but it does not disguise the fact that metastatic breast cancer kills,”  METAvivor take-action page.

I will leave you with this thought: The body is capable of healing itself of ANY disease.  You need to stop putting the wrong things into it and start putting the right things into it.  

Put on a HOT PINK t-shirt and let that sink in. 

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Best Ginseng Product on the Planet

By Dr. Bob McCauley

I am a connoisseur of ginseng.  I have been eating raw ginseng, dried ginseng consuming ginseng tinctures and drinks of all kinds.  I absolutely love ginseng.  GinST15 is an enzyme fermented that offer 15x better absorption at 4x a faster rate. ginst15-30ml

  • Homeostatic Balance
  • Healthy Blood Glucose
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Immunity
  • Sustained Energy
  • Restful Sleep



  1. First, Ilhwa uses white ginseng root that has not been peeled, as peeling
    removes the minor rootlets and hair rootlets that carry key bioactive compounds. 
  2. Second, they use a proprietary low heat vacuum extraction of the whole unpeeled root, which maintains the vitamins, amino acid profile and organic germanium lost in the high heat steaming process used in traditional processing.
  3. Third, Ilhwa harvests the roots at the optimum time between the 4th and 5th year. In comparison, red ginseng extract available from most companies use the traditional 6 year harvested root.
  4. Finally and most importantly, Ilhwa uses a proprietary enzyme fermentation process to improve absorption. High-yield enzyme fermentation mimics the fermentation that occurs in the intestine to transform ginsenosides to an end-stage metabolite called compound K or IH-901. Compound K has been proposed to be the most bioavailable metabolite from colonic fermentation.viii 

Fermented ginseng extract containing this metabolite have been shown to have many adaptogenic qualities such as strong antioxidant,ix anti-stress,hepatoprotective,xi anti-allergy and anti-inflammatoryxiiactivities as well as support healthy glucose and lipid regulation.xiii In addition, GS15-4® has been clinically proven to provide 15 times increased absorption, 4 times faster absorption and 4 times more consistent absorption (Figures 2-4). In addition, the fermentation process also provides an improved taste profile compared to conventional ginseng extracts. Improved bioavailability means improved adaptogenic support for fatigue and stress.

Many studies have been done on GinST 15 which is shown in research via its metabolite ginst15-1marker IH901 and Compound K. One of the areas where Ilhwa has created numerous studies is energy creation, blood glucose and blood lipid management.

Il Hwa’s research is so substantial that they received a KFDA certification for a functional health claim for blood glucose management.
Absorption over time

ginst15Regular ginseng extract takes 12 hours to get maximum absorption while Gin ST15 extract will get maximum absorption in 3 to 4 hours. This illustrates the far greater absorption of GinST 15.

(Please Note: the scale of 0-50 ng/ml for Ginseng Extract and 0-300ng/ml for GinST 15. A different scale for each had to be used so that a comparison can be seen.)

Consistent Absorption
With standard ginseng extract each individual possesses different capability in img-6metabolizing ginsenosides. Absorption is inconsistent, and there is a wide range of average times in reaching the maximum plasma concentration.

In addition, only a small amount of ginseng extract is absorbed.

When GinST 15 extract is taken, absorption is approximately 4 times more consistent.

How is GinST 15 used?

GinST 15 has a broad affect on health and well being. It is virtually not contra indicative.

It harmonizes and augments a broad range of protocols and supplements. So the applications for GinST 15 are remarkably diverse as a stand alone supplement and as part of a formulation.

The GinST-15 Solution
As the world leader in ginseng science, Ilhwa was determined to find a solution to this img-4problem of absorption, and in 1999 they secured 2 patents for creating ginseng extract metabolites via human bacteria. They continued their diligent work in the next decade developing a high yield enzyme fermentation process with their famous ginseng extract creating 2 more patents in 2009 and 2010.

img-5GinST 15, the 21st Century Ginseng was born.

When GinST 15 extract is taken, a far larger amount is absorbed in the blood compared to standard ginseng extract. (15 times more AUC)

The GinST 15 extract provides 4 times faster absorption than standard ginseng extract.


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Natural Source of Taxol – Anti-Cancer Food

By Dr. Bob McCauley

  • Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Anti-cancer
  • Antioxidant 
  • Immune Builder

Taxane a chemical substance derived from a yew tree of the Pacific Coast: used yew tree
experimentally as a drug in the treatment of cancer.  It is derived from Yew trees – Taxus Brevafolia – and bushes and used to kill dividing  cells, especially tumor cells.  

Before its pharmaceutical value was discovered, the Yew was routinely slashed and burned during logging operations.   However, with prolonged manufacture of the chemotherapeutic drug, Taxol, survival of the species was threatened by long-term harvesting.  Bark harvesting totally destroys the tree so they started using the tips of the branches in the Summer months when the Taxane is at it’s highest concentration in the plant.  

The taxanes are mitotic inhibitors, meaning that they inhibit tumors primarily by preventing cells from entering mitosis, a process of cell division. The taxanes accomplish this by inhibiting microtubule polymerization. In addition, taxanes appear to stimulate apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which is often inhibited in cancer cells.  Toxipida

yew1The only natural source of Taxol, approved by the FDA, was the bark of Taxus brevifolia for initial supplies. Subsequently, the manufacturer of Taxol developed the semi-synthetic Paclitaxel, eliminating the need for great amounts of Taxus brevifolia bark.  Paclitaxel is now manufactured from the bough tips of nursery grown cultivars of European yews and is approved by FDA.

Maintenance: 2 – 3 capsules per day
Health Challenge: 3 capsules 3 times daily.


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Chlorella Powder, Kale, and Vodka: Can Cocktails Be Healthy?

These days, healthy restaurants are de rigueur on both coasts, catering to a devoted, conscious band who regularly order detox juices and smoothies; local seasonal produce; vegan dishes; and clean, grass-fed meats. So it comes as no surprise thagreen-smoothiet craft cocktails are now hyper-designed and “healthy,” touting nutritional and even medicinal benefits. “The days of syrupy, sugar-laden cocktails is over,” quips beverage director Jason Eisner, who slung a bevy of drinks at the Newport Beach, California, debut of Gratitude (an upscale iteration of its iconic, plant-based sibling, Café Gratitude, in Los Angeles). Using nontraditional, house-made mix-ins, Eisner will shake a range of drinks from tequila añejo, heirloom beet juice, carrot bitters, balsamic reduction, and Italian sweet vermouth; concoct a twist on the classic gin and tonic with botanical gin, house wild chamomile tea, and tea smoke; and, at West Hollywood’s meatless Mexican spot Gracias Madre, the wittingly titled “Matcha Ado About Nothing” will couple Japanese ceremonial-grade matcha with tequila.

In terms of ingredients, there’s a niche calling beyond the cries for ubiquitous leafy kale
and pressed juices toward more abstract additions like emerald-green chlorella powder and marine plankton extracts. Fashionable spots in New York City, like the perennially cool Chinatown restaurant Dimes, serves good-for-you booze alongside bowls of spiced quinoa, stewed chickpeas, broccolini, and pickled mushrooms. Its mixologist, Arley Marks, prepares whimsical wheatgrass margaritas and chlorella shrub creations with an old liquid extraction technique. “Herbalists have historically used alcohol to extract the medicinal and nutritional qualities from various ingredients to make tinctures,” he explains. “Adding ingredients with nutritional benefits such as chlorophyll provides a healthy boost.”

In Nolita, the beachy Montauk-inspired Seamore’s pairs sustainable fish tacos with light housemade aquas frescas like Cucumber Mint—spiked with tequila, vodka, or gin. In the West Village, the impossibly chic colonize at Cafe Clover for Johnny Swet’s seasonal Winter Tonic, a mingling of aromatic gin, rosemary, and aloe vera, and later for chef David Standridge’s nutritionist-approved menu of pasture-raised strip loin with an olive oil potato puree. A few blocks away, vegan chef and cookbook author Chloe Coscarelli’s cheery, bustling Greenwich Village namesake,by Chloe., whips up a Beet Bloody Mary with cold-pressed juice to commence before the Guac Burger starring a black bean–quinoa–sweet potato patty.

So, is it possible to devise a healthy cocktail of vegetable blends and elixirs with our favorite vodka? Perhaps. This answer lies in making tweaks like conscious ingredient swaps, authentic natural sugars, artisanal spirits, less potent pours, and slow sips. It’s obvious history plays a role. After all, alcohol has long been used to extract the medicinal qualities of herbs. Without the over-syrupy syrups and high-fructose content, Los Angeles–based nutritionist Kelly LeVeque says, “The good news is, bitter greens are known to help rejuvenate the liver cells you beat up when you drink. Adding kale, parsley, or cilantro to a cocktail would only benefit your liver’s ability to heal. Lean on the antioxidant-rich, detox-supporting green stuff like herbs, matcha, and chlorella.”

Can we, at the very least, think we’re drinking healthy? “Throughout the ages alcohol has been used as a purifier, so the mere addition of spirits doesn’t mean that other ingredients lose their health benefits,” Eisner says. “Matcha contains chlorophyll-rich leaves, and what matters most to health enthusiasts is its antioxidant content. If you’re going to imbibe, why not get some benefit to your well-being?”

Heather Tierney, behind the beloved vegetarian café and juice bar The Butcher’s Daughter (the freshly spawned Abbot Kinney locale, with other spots in New York and Los Angeles), champions her drinks. “Our cocktails are made with produce, which contain a natural sweetness and no added sugar,” says Tierney, referring to her beet cocktail. “Who said alcohol wasn’t healthy anyway?” And when you’re looking for something unfussy, LeVeque advises to “stick to clear, clean alcohols with hydrating sugar-free mixers like water or soda with a squeeze of lemon.” Or perhaps, as the old adage goes, maybe it’s just everything in moderation.

Here, five variations on cocktails to make at home:

Chlorella Shrub Recipe

By Arley Marks of Dimes, New York City
Serves approximatelgreen-smoothiey 10

First: Prepare the chlorella mixture in a container that can hold 1 quart of liquid.
4 oz. organic apple cider vinegar
2 oz. strained, fresh lemon juice
2 oz. wildflower honey plus 2 oz. hot water, mix and let cool before adding to mixture
1 tsp. chlorophyll powder
1 qt. spring water

Second: Prepare the apple garnish.
Cut Fuji apple in half, remove core and stem, then slice on mandolin or with sharp knife approximately 1/8-inch thick; place slices in bowl and squeeze fresh lime over slices to stop them from browning.

Third: Prepare the cocktail for your friends!
1.5 oz. Material Vodka
3 oz. chlorella mixture

Combine Material Vodka and chlorella mixture in an old-fashioned glass, stir quickly, then top with a generous amount of ice. Garnish with tart apple slices, and enjoy!

Thanks to: Vogue


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Warning Signs That Your Magnesium Levels Are Low


Magnesium is one of the minerals that your body needs the most, but, unfortunately, most of us are magnesium deficient. The human body usually contains 1 to 2 ounces of magnesium, mainly found in the bones and teeth, with smaller concentrations also in the brain, heart, and blood.

In fact, every single cell in the body needs magnesium to function properly, and it’s responsible for over 300 metabolic functions in the body. It’s clear that this element is vital for your health, but according to USDA, approximately a half of the Americans consume inadequate amount in their diet.

Why is this so?

These days we all lead a fast lifestyle, so our body uses up our supply to deal with stress. It magnesiummeans that we use more magnesium than we take – and we should be taking 500 to 1000 mg daily.

The list of symptoms of magnesium deficiency includes leg cramps, insomnia, chronic fatigue, blood clots, facial twitches, anxiety, migraines, depression, heart disease, unstable blood sugar levels, and osteoporosis. It may even help even in cases of Alzheimer’s because of its ability to improve the oxygen intake in the brain, and in cases of Parkinson’s tremors after studies showed lowered levels of magnesium in the brains of these patients.

Additionally, magnesium deficiency is also associated with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Having a deficiency of magnesium causes the body to overproduce insulin and then that extra glucose goes into the cells, causing inflammation.

Magnesium for your body and mind

Rich dietary sources of magnesium are leafy green vegetables (such as spinach and kale), avocados, dark chocolate, whole grains, fish, nuts and seeds (chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Also, you can take a high-quality supplement, and if you’re using one, make sure to have the magnesium co-factors Glycinate, Malate, Orotate, and Taurinate, as they are more effectively absorbed in the body and support organ systems and bodily functions better than any other magnesium form.

Here’s what the powerhouse four do for you:

1. Magnesium Glycinate for the mind

– Controls anxiety, irritability, insomnia, concentration and hysteria

– Minimizes laxative effects and is the least likely form to induce diarrhea

– Corrects long-term deficiencies

– Reduces numbness and depression

– Increases mental calmness and relaxation

2. Magnesium Malate for the muscles

– Treats fibromyalgia

– Calms muscle fatigue

– Manages PMS and headaches

– Supports digestion if taken with meals

– Increases energy production

3. Magnesium Orotate for the body

– Enhances athletic performance

– Aids DNA formation and heart repair and function Magnesium Taurinate for the heart

4. Magnesium Taurinate for the heart

– Supports healthy heart function

– Prevents migraines

– Suppresses heart palpitations and arrhythmias

Besides taking magnesium supplements, it is also extremely crucial the magnesium supplement contain vitamin B6, as vitamin B6 determines how much magnesium will be absorbed by the cells in the first place.

May magnesium bring you a peaceful mind, a happy heart, a strong body, and a tranquil night’s sleep.


Thanks to


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Ticks, Lyme and Bismuth

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Lyme disease (Borreliaburgdorferi) infects 30,000 and kills at least 1000 people each tickyear in the United States alone.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection primarily transmitted by Ixodes ticks, also known as deer ticks, and on the West Coast, black-legged ticks. These tiny arachnids are typically found in wooded and grassy areas. Although people may think of Lyme as an East Coast disease, it is found throughout the United States, as well as in more than sixty other countries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the US every year. That’s 1.5 times the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer, and six times the number of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS each year in the US. However, because diagnosing Lyme can be difficult, many people who actually have Lyme may be misdiagnosed with other conditions. Many experts believe the true number of cases is much higher.

Lyme disease affects people of all ages. The CDC notes that it is most common in children, older adults, and others such as firefighters and park rangers who spend time in outdoor activities and have higher exposure to ticks.

Angstrom_BISMUTHAngstrom Bismuth 200ppm.  Angstrom Bismuth can also be taken like any other angstrom mineral, however since it primarily deals with infections in the digestive tract Angstrom Bismuth should also be swallowed so it can destroy the bacterial infections that often thrive there.


  • 1 tsp. once or twice a week for general protection against infectious disease.
  • 1 tsp. 3 times daily on an empty stomach if you have Lyme disease, a stomach ulcer, bacterial infection of the digestive tract or a urinary tract infection (UTI).

BismuthPurifying.  Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Used to reduce stomach acidity, diarrhea, heartburn, stomach ulcers, gastronomic disorders and Lyme disease.

The ticks that transmit Lyme disease, a debilitating flulike

illness caused by Borrelia bacteria, are spreading rapidly across the United States. A new study shows just how rapidly. Over the past 20 years, the two species known to spread the disease to humans have together advanced into half of all the counties in the United States.    http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/01/lyme-disease-carrying-ticks-are-now-half-all-us-counties

The distribution of tick sightings across the United States between a) 1907–1996 and b) 1907–2015.

The distribution of tick sightings across the United States between a) 1907–1996 and b) 1907–2015.


Silver is also great for Infectious Disease, including Lyme Disease, colds, flu, Malaria, shingles and every other disease caused by viruses, bacterial, yeast, mold and/or fungus.

. Ang_SILVER_500






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Orthorexia Nervosa: Eating Healthy Gets You Labeled

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Some of us have decided to put the right foods in our body so we can obtain true health, not the kind of health that everyone else talks about where you mention that you are not sick then knock on wood as though you have simply been lucky up to this point.  These are the people who inevitably end up in the hands of doctors.  Those of us who consistently want to consume healthy foods are often labeled as “fanatics” obsessed about “eating correctly”.  There is even a term that has been invented for someone like myself who wants to stay healthy by consuming only orthorexia-defwhat actually belongs in the body, Orthorexia Nervosa, which literally means “fixation on righteous eating”.[i] Those who consistently eat right and put in their body only what naturally belongs there are labeled “health food junkies”.

People who move to a Raw-food Diet sometimes do fixate on food, how it is prepared and tastes.  We are a society obsessed with food, which is why there are dozens of diet books on the market explaining how we can lose the weight that the hundreds of cookbooks instruct us to prepare in seductive ways.  Virtually every social gathering involves food, from weddings to funerals to parties of every kind, especially those around holidays.  Food and our obsession with it has been around for thousands of years.  Obsessing over raw foods is only the latest wrinkle on that tradition.
vegan_dietI will be the first to admit that obsessing over anything is
not a good thing, but first we must define what an obsession is.  For instance, although we can obsess over consuming raw foods, how they taste and are prepared, if we simply eat a broad array of raw foods we will never be sick.  If that is the case, then I would rather obsess over raw foods than have cancer, diabetes or heart disease and find myself at the mercy of doctors who have no clue how to heal me.

Some raw foodists won’t eat foods that are chopped-up because it causes them to become oxidized, thus the energy force of the food is diminished.  Others will not eat hybrid foods such as carrots, bananas or anything grown inside a farmer’s fence because they have been changed by cross-breeding and therefore are not completely natural foods.  Others will not touch foods from the nightshade family, such as tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant because they believe those are somehow harmful as well.  I believe all this is taking things too far when considering the garbage the average person regularly puts in his/her body.  Although I have my preferences, I will eat any raw food that is not known to be poisonous such as water hemlock, foxglove or certain mushrooms.

If someone has decided to only eat apples, this could be construed as a harmful obsession because eating only apples and nothing else is unhealthy and will eventually lead to disease.  Cooked foods are an addiction and like any addiction we must remove these addictive substances from our lives.  All addicts know they should not expose themselves to their addiction because the temptation is too great, whether it is alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, soft drinks or chocolate.  However, to suggest that you should not be too strict with your diet and eat what you want instead of what your body requires is another way of suggesting that it is alright to be weak and give in to the harmful foods we are addicted to.  It is the sentiment of an enabler, someone who wants you to believe that foods which lead to disease are okay to eat and that a strict diet of raw foods is obsessive, damaging and unhealthy.  They say this because successfully moving to a Raw-food Diet is something that they probably can’t manage to do themselves.  If we are determined to obtain Great Health and know that moving to a Raw-food Diet is the only way to achieve it, then we are brave and smart to do so, not obsessed.

Eating foods that are detrimental to our health is a “deathist” mentality, meaning that 20160214_124309since everyone is going to die one day, living any way other than sensuously is foolish and naive.  They believe that life is about pleasure more than anything else.  Pleasure should be just one of the many components of our lives, not its central focus.  Spirituality, morality, ethics, compassion and the satisfaction that comes from work, achievements and human relationships of every kind must also have necessary weight and authority in our lives.

In fact, Messier Rochefoucauld’s quotation at the beginning of this section is itself one of a weakling who has decided he will eat whatever he pleases, a slave to the whim of his taste buds, self-condemned to the inevitability of disease and an early demise.  Perhaps one even could say that it is the statement of a fanatic.

[i] Health Food Junkies: Orthorexia Nervosa: Overcoming the Obsession with Healthful Eating, by M.D. Steven Bratman, David Knight.

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