Astaxanthin: Top of Most Powerful Nutrient List

By Dr. Bob McCauley

  • ANTIOXIDANTPowerful Antioxidant
  • Helps Retain Moisture for Healthier Skin
  • Maintain Muscle and Bones
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Joint Support 
  • Encourages Fertility
  • Brain Health: Crosses the “Blood Brain Barrier” 
  • Eye Health: Crosses the “Blood Retina Barrier”
  • BEST WAY TO TAKE IT: GEL CAP —————–> astaxanthin_gel-caps



Astaxanthin derives from Heamatacoccus green algae, which is produced in order to protect itself with ASTAXANTHIN where it gathers or “hyper-accumulates” on the algae and then can then be harvested.

Inflammation is a result of and, more precisely, the reaction to disease. It’s the body reacting to disease that is inflicting it due to the substances that do not belong in it. Tastaxanthin_powderhere are two types of inflammation – regular and silent.

ASTAXANTHIN is a nutriceutical that helps bring down inflammation so that the body is put into a position where it can heal itself.

Dr. Bob’s Brand Astaxanthin

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PhD Proves Ionized Water Occurs Throughout Nature

By Dr. Bob McCauley

The first time I heard Dr. Gerald Pollack was him being interviewed by Dr. J. Mercola, who is no fan of Ionized Water.  In fact, he has gone out of his way to denounce it.  As I was listeningPicture 3366 to the interview I could hear a college professor, a PhD, a university-level researcher, describe a type of water the that exists throughout nature that sounded EXACTLY like Alkaline and Acid Ionized Water.  I was actually yelling at the computer as I listened to the interview.  Dr. Andrew Weil, who has in the past offered a lot of excellent natural health advice, dismisses Ionized Water and I wrote a rebuttal to his dismissive comments.  I have also debunked the debunkers of ionized Water, none of whom I believe have ever tried it.  So I called Dr. Gerald Pollack and we arranged an interview that was suppose to be 30 mins, and it went close to 85 mins.  It was one of the most remarkable moments of my professional career.  Part One – Interview w/ Dr. Pollack Part Two – Interview w/ Dr. Pollack.   I have been called a quack, a kook, a fraud, a snake-oil salesman, and more – a few I cannot mention here.  This was sweet vendication of what I had always intuitively known, that Ionized Water is not only extremely healthy for us, but it is found throughout NATURE and throughout the Body itself. 

Dr. Pollack confirmed everything I had always claimed through intuition and observation, and that is that IONIZED WATER IS FOUND THROUGHOUT NATURE.  

Ionized Water reflects the characteristics of RAW FOODS in several ways:

• Ionized Water has an abundance of electrons as do raw foods.
• Ionized Water has a negative charge, or ORP, as do raw foods.
• Ionized Water possesses negative ions as do raw foods.
• Ionized Water is alkaline as are raw foods.
• Ionized Water is hydrating as are raw foods.
• Ionized Water is detoxifying as are raw foods.
• Ionized Water provides the body with ionic (organic) minerals as do raw foods.

Dr. Pollack and his colleagues have discovered EZ water exists in nature.  EZ is exactly the same as Ionized Water.

The “exclusion zone” (EZ), the unexpectedly large zone of water jerrypollackthat forms next to many submersed materials, got its name because it excludes practically everything. The EZ contains a lot of charge, and its character differs from that of bulk water. Sometimes it is referred to as water’s fourth phase.   The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor – Gerald H. Pollack, PhD

Dr. Pollack and his colleagues have discovered a 4 State of the Strangest, most elusive element on Earth: Water.  Also, the most important for our health, since our body is made up of 70% water, no wait a minute – Dr. Pollack says our body is 99% water.  How can this be?

The [hexagonal] honeycomb sheet is the EZ’s unitary structure. structured_waterSheets stack parallel to the material surface to build the EZ.   The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor – Gerald H. Pollack, PhD

Even more, Dr. Pollack talks about the Fourth State of Water, which he called EZ water.  And it has ALL the same qualities of Ionized Water, which I have been promoting all these years (since 1996).  I wrote the bible of Ionized Water, The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water – The Definitive Guide to the World’s Healthiest SubstanceAnd here comes Dr. Pollack to verify everything I have always said Ionized Water is, and that it is FOUND IN NATURE.  

Your cells are two-thirds water by volume; however, the water molecule is so small that if you were to count every single molecule in your body, 99% of them would be water molecules. That many water molecules are needed to make up the two-thirds volume. Your feet tote around a huge sack of mostly water molecules.   The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor – Gerald H. Pollack, PhD


To determine the physical nature of the exclusion zone, we pursued a variety of methods [including] (i) Light absorption, (ii) Infrared absorption, (iii) Infrared emission, (iv) Magnetic resonance imaging, (vi) Optical features.  

Ionized Water has quite a long and interesting history.


Dr. Pollack:

Free Chaptersof The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor:


My Interviews we Dr. Pollack: Part One    Part Two 



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The Immortalists Documentary: How to Become God

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Under the guise of wanting to “defeat aging” the PhD eggheads in The Immortalists explain to use that the “cure for aging” is nigh upon us.  The “cure to cancer” to follow.

gmo-foods This is the worst idea since Monsanto decided to mess around genetically with seeds.  Finding the cure for aging will not be found in a laboratory, but only in nature.  Yes, we will all die, and I believe that God will take us when He decides we are ready, and of course the healthiest diet in the world will not 5gmocropsprevent or change that.  However, while I am waiting for my time I will live on the foods that God has provided to us so we can be healthy.  If you want to be healthy, follow my health protocol.  Because when you do, the result is health, which I can prove.

Two eccentric scientists struggle to create eternal youth in a world they call “blind to the tragedy of old age.” Their scientific journeys ultimately become personal as they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones.

7_Components_Chlor-Spirulina_CARD2015For the record, I believe that the Body is Capable of Healing Itself of Any Disease.  There are 7 Components.  This is the first one. 

Ionized Water, Spirulina & Chlorella, Raw Fruits & Vegetable Diet, Probiotics/Prebiotics, Liquid Angstrom Minerals, Vigorous Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude. These are the Simple Seven – the Components of Great Health. Follow Nature – which God has made – Honor the Temple that He gave you,  your body.  And you will have Great Health.

Why are they doing this research to live forever?  I’ll let them explain it.

Why do we seek immortality?
Easy: because the alternative is to die. And nothing motivates us quite like the looming presence of the Reaper.   The Immortalists Website

skiss 12 ENG 13.30Indeed this motivation is so powerful that the simple fact that you are now reading about death will already have shifted you, dear reader, into a different state of mind. If you are religious, you will now be feeling more religious. If you are patriotic, you will now be more patriotic. If you have something against foreigners then you will now have become more xenophobic. Whatever makes up the kernel of your world view, you will now more aggressively defend it and reject whoever opposes it. All because I just reminded you that you will die. The Immortalists Website

Here is a brief summary of their arguments and methodology in doing the research.  To be clear, one of the researchers runs marathons, and ultra-marathons, 100 mile races and none of this is remotely healthy.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey wants to cure aging via his SENS Method. SENS is a 7-step plan that stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The SENS plan is to *not* stop the aging process, but to periodically repair and maintain all the age-telomeresrelated damage in the body at the molecular level. – Aubrey has selected seven known causes of aging and developed engineered solutions to solve them. The types of aging damage are: cancer-causing nuclear mutations/epimutations, mitochondrial mutations, intracellular junk, extracellular junk, cell loss and atrophy, cell senescence, and extracellular crosslinks. – Dr. Bill Andrews believes the cause of aging resides in the small caps at the end of chromosomes called telomeres. Every time cells divide the caps lose a bit of information and the telomeres become shorter. This is the telomere theory of aging. Bill believes this is the cause of all the age-related diseases, like heart disease and Alzheimers. – The solution, according to Bill, is an enzyme called telomerase which elongates telomeres. Bill believes that he can find a small molecule that will trigger a gene in the body to produce telomerase, thus stopping and possibly reversing the aging process. – Harvard engineered genetically modified mice with short telomeres, and when telomerase was added, they showed significant signs of age reversal. – Aubrey and Bill fundamentally disagree about telomerase. Aubrey proposes an intervention called WILT (Whole Body Interdiction of Lengthening Telomeres) which would delete the telomerase gene in the body so as to avoid some cancers. Bill’s research is fundamentally the opposite, as he is trying to trigger the gene in cells to produce telomerase.  The Immortalists Website

The last time we saw someone claiming to have found the cure for cancer and messing iamledgendaround nature was I am Legend, which didn’t work out too well.



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If Your Supplier Doesn’t Offer a COA – Don’t Buy Their Product

By Dr. Bob McCauley

A Certificate of Analysis – COA – is issues for every food supplement that is produced Certificate of Analysisand/or imported in to the country.  As a supplier of Taiwan Chlorella and Spirulina, we are obligated to provide that to every company that we sell wholesale to.  We cannot import Chlorella or Spirulina in to the country without provide a COA to both US Customs and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A COA gives you an overall snapshot of the product it is offered for.  For instance, the one attached to this BLOG is from Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company who we import our Chlorella from.  The COA comes with every batch of chlorella we import.  It demonstrates that the batch of chlorella we are purchasing has had Protein, Minerals (ash), Moisture and Chlorophyll measured so that they come up to standards.  For instance, if the Protein would show a result below 55% total weight, the chlorella would be determined to be unacceptable and we would reject it.  Other elements we consider is bacteria, Total Plate Count, which also must be at acceptably low levels.  E. Coli, which comes from animal feces, must be zero.  Pheophorbides, which are a derivative of chlorophyll, must be controlled properly to low level in chlorella or it can cause photodermatitis, skin welts that appear when a person is exposed to sunlight and the pheophorbides react with sunlight.  Therefore, it is imperative that you test for these levels in chlorella and spirulina to be absolutely certain they are below 60 mg/liter (ppm).  When it company that sells chlorella refuses to release their COA it is definitely a concern.  What might they be hiding?

Vedan-Metals_Spirulina PowderAnother important thing to look for is the amount of heavy metals found in the product they are offering.  Lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum are always scrutinized, as they should be.  Aluminum is not even regulated and most companies do not test for it. This is why we always run our own third-party metals tests.

Yet, we find that many companies do not offer a COA with the products they sell.  Some of them tell me that the producer that they buy from does not allow them to release the COA to the public, which is absurd to say the least.  If any company you purchase a supplement such as chlorella, spirulina or an herbal extract from refuses to release their COA – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.  That is my advice.

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Cancer: “It’s Losing the Lottery.”

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Say you’re a doctor or work somewhere else in the medical industry such as a researcher and you go to work everyday with everyone expecting you and your colleagues to come up with a cure for terrible diseases such as cancer.  Maybe you go home at night and your wife and kids look at you with hope eyes and ask: “Did you find a cure for cancer yet Daddy.”  And everyday you have to say: “Not yet honey.”

Understandably you might get a little tired of being asked crapsthis question since you know in your heart you haven’t even come close.  After hearing this night after night you might get a little sick of hearing it, so sick that might want to just come up with an excuse, any reason that you just cannot find a “cure” for the disease you have worked for most of your adult life.  Finally, in desperation, it occurs to you that you could say that the whole “find a cure for cancer” thing is just out of your hands because getting cancer, at least most of the time, is just a case of “bad luck” and there is nothing you or any of your colleagues can do about it.

“[Researches] attributed 65 percent of cancer incidence to random mutations in genes that can drive cancer growth.”   Yahoo News

“When someone gets cancer, immediately people want to know roulette_1why,” said oncologist Dr. Bert Vogelstein of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, who conducted the study published in the journal Science with Johns Hopkins biomathematician Cristian Tomasetti.

“They like to believe there’s a reason. And the real reason in many cases is not because you didn’t behave well or were exposed to some bad environmental influence, it’s just because that person was unlucky. It’s losing the lottery.”

Tomasetti said harmful mutations occur for “no particular reason other than randomness” as the body’s master cells, called stem cells, divide in various tissues.   Yahoo News

Cancer is random?  There is no randomness to cancer growing inside a host body that has become acidified and rife with substances that do not perform any function, which we call toxins.  Cancer thrives in an acidic environment lives on those things that do not belong in the body, which serve no function – toxins.   All disease  This demonstrates how little the medical establishment, including disease researchers, understands human health and where the source of disease stems from.  All disease comes from our diet, not from our genes, and certainly not from luck.

Generally speaking, tissues that undergo more divisions – thus increasing the probability of random mutations – were more prone to tumors. Yahoo News

So, cancer is just a result of “random mutations” that make us more prone to cancer.  They know nothing, these “wizards behind the curtains.

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Valerian – Reduce Anxiety and Stress

By Dr. Bob McCauley

  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Good for Tension headacheshello-my-name-is-anxiety-1
  • Muscular pain
  • Muscle relaxant.
  • Improves menstrual cramps.
  • Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Helps with palpitations, neuralgia, vertigo, sciatica,
  • Helps with Chronic suffer-anxiety skin diseases and muscle spasms.
  • Valerian Root is a “natural Valium” that acts as a mild tranquilizer by calming the nerves.
  • Isovaleric acid improves circulation and reduces mucus from colds.

Dosage: 1/4 – 1/2 Teaspoon in the morning and/or evening.


Valerian root contains a compound called isovaleric acid and another acid known as valproic acid. They are responsible for Valerian root’s ability to relax the central nervous system and reduce anxiety.  As Valerian root ages, it slowly produces a substance known as isovaleric acid. This compound anxiety-charlie-brownand another acid known as valproic acid are significant active ingredients that are present in the volatile oils found in Valerian root. These volatile oils are thought to be responsible for Valerian root’s ability to relax the central nervous system and reduce anxiety.

Double blind studies have shown that Valerian root can decrease the amount of time it takes for people with mild insomnia to fall asleep.

valerian_root1Isovaleric acid is also used to treat anxiety disorders and counteract stress. It has a sedative effect that helps to relax the central nervous system and provide a feeling of relaxation, grounding and calmness.

Isovaleric and Valporic acid as a remedy for tension headaches and muscular pain because of its ability to act as a muscle relaxant.  It is also known to improve menstrual flow and cramps, and as an aid with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Isovaleric acid is excellent for use against palpitations, neuralgia, vertigo, sciatica, chronicsuffer-anxiety skin diseases and muscle spasms.

Valerian Root is a “natural Valium” that acts as a mild tranquilizer by calming the nerves.  Isovaleric acid improves circulation and reduces mucus from colds.

My Video on Valerian

 2 oz. Valerian Powder

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Magnetic Fields and Their Effect on Human Health

By Dr. Bob McCauley

All athletes get injured. I have never met a true athlete who isn’t currently injured or recovering from an injury of some sort. The more active you are the more injuries you will incur. I have been a runner and martial artist for many years and had my share of injuries and have found that placing a strong neodymium magnet on injuries allows them to heal in about one-third the time it takes without them. Knotted muscles relax within minutes with the use of magnets, even those that are severely knotted.

I managed to spare a friend of mine unnecessary surgery on his shoulder because of the chronic pain he was experiencing. When he mentioned the problem to me, I examined himmagnets and located a knotted muscle in the top mid-point of his back below the neck that was excruciatingly painful to him when I pushed on it. After three months of lost sleep and constant discomfort that his doctor believed required shoulder surgery, his pain was relieved in less than one hour by placing a strong ceramic North Pole magnet (3950) on the knotted muscle. It relaxed the knot that had been pulling on the muscle group in his shoulder and causing all the pain. There was nothing wrong with his shoulder at all and the surgery would have done nothing to solve my friend’s pain because the problem had been misidentified. Magnets are far more effective in their long-term effects than a massage or hot tub for relaxing muscles, which is why they serve as a terrific stress reliever.

magnetic-fieldPeople will occasionally comment that I use magnets because I believe in them and this certainly is not the case. I do not believe in magnets, but rather accept them as fact, the same way I would any mathematical equation. Two plus two does not equal four because I believe it does, but rather because it is a fact that simply must be acknowledged and accepted. Whether I believe in mathematical equations is irrelevant to the truth of their existence.

Magnetic fields extend the viability of enzymes. Placing a magnet under a seed will cause it to sprout more rapidly and the plant to grow faster and healthier than it would without one. Damage from plant diseases are also reduced using magnets in combination with negative ion generation. Placed against the skin, magnets alkalize the blood and cause blood cells that have clumped together to separate.

Placing strong North Pole magnets under food will enhance the intake of its nutrients because of the magnet effect on its minerals and the negative ion environment OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
that has been created within the food. I place the salad on top of a 3500 gauss magnet in order to be sure that all the ions in the food are spinning in the negative, or left, direction. plate-magnets This not only allows for better nutrient absorption into the body because ions in the food are negatively charged, it also charges the food with energy.  It is important to remember that we are Bio-electric as well as Bio-magnetic, therefore we respond to electromagnetic forces such as powerful magnets with a gauss level of at least 1000.

Magnetite (Fe3O4) is a magnetic iron compound found in several places in the head and brain, including the sinuses, hippocampus and pineal gland. Our body and brain are naturally aligned with the Earth’s natural magnetism and the magnetite in our brain is what facilitates this origination. Sleeping with the head of your bed pointing to the north allows the magnetic field of the Earth to flow around your body rather than hit it from the side, which provides you with a better night’s sleep, in part because magnetite is aligned with the Earth’s magnetism. All animals have an innate sense of which direction north is due to magnetite. It allows migrating birds, homing pigeons, whales acompassnd other animals to navigate. Humans also have an innate sense of which direction north is, although we have managed to suppress this ability because we have so disconnected ourselves from nature. As we age and continue to live on an inferior diet of cooked foods, the magnetite in our body begins to lose its polarity and becomes useless to us. Once its polarity has deteriorated, magnetite can become toxic to the brain, potentially leading to dementia-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Bipolar disease.

EarthsMagneticFieldThe Earth’s magnetic field was once 4 gauss, 100 times stronger than it is today at .04 gauss. The weakened magnetic field has made it more imperative that we expose ourselves to strong North Pole magnetic fields as often as possible.

Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad re-polarizes the magnetite in the body, stimulates cell growth, alkalizes the blood, relaxes muscle tissue and relieves stress, as well as provides a restful night’s sleep.

One study showed a substantial reduction in tumor growth in mice using magnets with a gauss rating of at least 3950. In another study, schizophrenic hallucinations were reduced in nearly every patient with the use of magnets. Yet another study demonstrated that depression was lifted using magnets. Other studies showed a 50% increase in the lifespan of various rodents that were consistently exposed to strong magnetic fields throughout braintheir lives. Magnetic therapy has also been shown to be more effective in treating the body for injury and disease than acupuncture.

“The healing potential of magnets is possible because the body’s nervous system is governed, in part, by varying patterns of ionic currents and electromagnetic fields.”

Our bone marrow is the battery cell of our body. When the battery runs out, we die. Yet we do almost nothing to recharge our battery cell, which is the largest, most important production facility of our immune system. The only way we can recharge and renew our bone marrow is with strong magnets, FIR waves, proper hydration and a Raw-food Diet.

Using magnets while doing chi gong and other martial arts exercises increases strength OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand stamina, but it must be practiced daily to see substantial results. Sitting directly on top of a strong magnet with correct posture encourages our energy, or chi, to flow with greater ease, thus energy levels and mental alertness substantially increase. Wearing a magnet on your third eye between your eyebrows while meditating will enhance the experience, in part by strengthening your mental concentration and putting the brain itself into a negative ion environment in which chemical reactions and energy flow best because they are unimpeded by external forces. One of the keys to Great Health and longevity is regular use of strong neodymium magnets.

bio-magnets-4_wafersA tumor is a wad of toxins that have accumulated and lodged somewhere in the body.  Tumors in the head are dangerous because they have the potential to cause brain damage.  Tumors in the body are most dangerous when they are near an organ.  They all have the potential of turning cancerous because they are acidic, which is the perfect environment for cancer to thrive.  Strong magnets (3900 gauss) placed on tumors, the north (-) side toward the body, will help reduce in size and even eliminate them in most cases.

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Magnetic Water Conditioner vs Water Softener

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Finally there is a non-chemical way to treat the water in your home and get allmagnets the benefits and characteristics of soft water. Until now, if you had hard water problems, you had to buy or rent a costly salt ion-exchange softener or replace your plumbing and water heater periodically.

  • Reduce scale and corrosion in all types of household water pipes, furnaces, boilers, radiators
  • Remove existing scale and corrosion from the inside of pipes, improves water pressure
  • No external power source required
  • Improve household equipment lifespan
  • Affordable, cost effective


  • Prevention of scale and corrosion
  • Elimination of pre-existing scale and corrosion
  • No power source required
  • Non-invasive installation
  • Environmentally safe and user friendly
  • Can be used with existing water conditioning systems


  • Water based heating systems of all types
  • Hot water heaters-both gas and electric
  • All water supply pipes
  • Home irrigation systems
  • Misting systems

The proven MAGNETIZER Residential Hard Water Conditioner is chemical free, salt free, and the permanent healthy answer to your hard water problems. Prior existing scale is magnetically dissolved in the water. Scale is removed from your water heater and plumbing system thereby saving you energy and money.

(7,200 Gauss) -Whole House Water Conditioner
Hard Water: (1-40 grains of Hardness) (2 Sets – 4 Magnets)

Economic Savings

Comparison between Salt Softener and Magnetizer 

             Salt Softener Magnetizer
Retail Price $500 – $3,000 $175
Creates Soft Water Behavior Yes Yes
Uses Salt, Chemicals, & Electricity Yes No
Has Toxic Sodium Residue in Water Yes No
Safe for Heart or Hypertension Patients No Yes
Removes Healthy, Necessary Minerals Yes No
Being Banned in Localities due to Salt Fouling of
Fresh Water Table
Yes No
Neutralizes Acid Water, Removes Green Stains,
Stops Copper Leaching
No Yes
Reduces Swimming Pool Chemicals by 50% for more Pleasurable, Chemical-free Swimming No Yes
Removes Prior Lime & Mineral Buildup No Yes
Installation Requires A Plumber Yes No
Requires Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly Maintenance Yes No
Permanent Guarantee No Yes
Water cost for Back-flushing
Yearly Costs $230 NONE
Resin Bed Replacement (7-10 yrs) $230 NONE

* Iron Content

There are three types of iron areas: low, medium, and high. It should be noted that high iron areas might affect the MAGNETIZER’S efficiency. It should also be noted that this much iron affects your health negatively. The MAGNETIZER Group recommends that you promptly purchase an iron filter if your iron level is this high. Also, place a MAGNETIZER after the filter to dissolve the hard water minerals that the iron filter does not.

What will MAGNETIZER do for my hair and skin?  Hair becomes silkier, more luxurious, and easier to control. Skin and complexion become softer and more beautiful; no more dry salty residue.

Does the MAGNETIZER pull the minerals that cause scale out of the water?  magnetsNo. The important minerals are left in the water where they do your body the most good, but are now dissolved and no longer create problems in your plumbing.

Will it work on all plumbing – even P.V.C. and galvanized?  The MAGNETIZER works on all pipes – guaranteed.

Are those minerals safe to drink?  Absolutely. Those minerals are important to your health as a necessary requirement for your body.

How do you know if MAGNETIZER is working?  The scale deposits on your spigots, showerheads, and toilets start to soften and dissolve. The calcium in your teakettle and coffee pot will wash away. Laundry is cleaner and the flavor of the water is improved.

Is the MAGNETIZER easy to install?  As easy as tying your shoes – this is important, because when you move, you can take it with you.

Will there be any maintenance?  No! After initial set-up, there is NO maintenance ever! The MAGNETIZER lasts forever.

Here is my video on the RWES Magnetic Water Conditioner.

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Top 10 Worst Fast Food Chains

By Dr. Bob McCauley

From bad (Burger King) to worst (Sonic – The reigning “king” of all food garbage).fast-food-death  “Whataburger” says it all.    What a burger?  How about “What the hell is this crap you’re trying to pass off as actual food.?”

Top 10 Worst Fast Food-Chains

  1. Burger King
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 25.5%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 29.6%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 49.0%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 72.4%
  2. Checkers
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 51.0%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 75.5%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 69.4%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 91.8%
  3. Chick-fil-A
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 10.8%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 18.9%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 56.8%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 75.7%fast-food-boy
  4. Wendy’s
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 20.0%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 34.7%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 45.3%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 74.7%
  5. Jack in the Box
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 32.5%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 40.3%
    Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 62.3%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 74.0%
  6. Arby’s
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 18.2%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 22.7%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 75.8%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 75.8%
  7. Quiznos
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 51.5%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 61.9%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 85.6%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 86.6 %
  8. Whataburger
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 36.4%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 53.0%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 69.7%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 89.4%fast-food-death-trap
  9. Carl’s Jr.
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 48.0%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 58.0%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 80.0%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 84.0%
  10. Sonic (King of all Unhealthy Fast Food)
    – Pct. meals with 600+ calories: 48.4%
    – Pct. meals with 10+ g saturated fat: 49.5%
    – Pct. meals with 1,000+ mg sodium: 73.7%
    – Pct. meals unhealthy in at least one nutrition category: 87.4%

Link to Story

Link to Story – 2 

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Instant Ionized Water: The Magnesium Stick

By Dr. Bob McCauley

The Ion Stick adds a magnesium catalyst to conventional water that causes a Stickmild ionization effect, resulting in a pH of 8.5 and an ORP of -50 mV.  Placing the magnesium catalyst in a small bottle of conventional water and shaking it for 10 seconds creates a mild form of Ionized Water.  It takes about three minutes for the ionization to fully take place, although it will begin immediately.  The magnesium catalyst produces a charge when it is shaken that results in the production of hydroxyl ions and a higher pH.

Picture 165Although the Alkalized Ionized Water produced this way is not nearly as powerful or healthy as that produced by an electric water ionizer, it is an acceptable substitute while traveling.  One magnesium stick 3 inches long creates 300 ml (10.1 ounces) of Alkalized Ionized Water.  It can be reused 800 – 1200 times, depending on the source water.  Magnesium ionization sticks are a good way to introduce people to Ionized Water.

Magnesium Stick Video

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