Holy Basil “Elixir of Life” – Removes Radiation from the Body

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Holy Basil is known as the “Elixir of Life” because of its legendary ability to promote holy basillongevity.  It is an adaptogen meaning it enhances the body’s natural response to physical and emotional stress, promoting balance and homeostasis in the body.  Holy Basil supports the cardiovascular system and regulates insulin levels.  It has healing power.   It is excellent for digestion and the respiratory system.  It has Antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The advantage of combining a concentrated herb such as HOLY BASIL with a complete food such as Chlorella is that the protein allows the body to absorb and utilize the herb much more safely and effectively.

My video on Holy Basil.

250 gram packet – 1000 (250 mg) Tablets


radiationBasil is well known for removing radiation from the body.   The radio-protective effects of Holy Basil are mainly attributed to the flavonoidsorientin and vicenin contained in the herb.  These flavonoids have been shown to protect against radiation-induced cellular damage in human cells through increased anti-oxidant properties that include enzymes, free radical scavenging and reduced lipid peroxidation.

Here are some supporting studies:

Mettler, F.A., Brenner, D., Coleman, C.N., Kaminski, J.M., Kennedy, A.R., Wagner, L.K., , Can Radiation Risks to Patients Be Reduced Without Reducing Radiation Exposure? The Status of Chemical Radioprotectants. American Journal of Roentgenology, 2011.

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Never Go Anywhere Without This

By Dr. Bob McCauley

A shower filter.  Never go anywhere without one.  I don’t.   The first thing I do when I geCQ1000-DSP-on-wall-shower-filtert into a hotel room is take out my pliers, take off the shower head and put on the shower filter I bring with me on every trip I take, whether I am staying in a hotel or a rented apartment.

I take the shower filter out, the filter and my pliers and put them through airport security screening so my luggage doesn’t get searched.  The pliers must be under 7″ (17.5cm) to be allowed on a plane these days.  No problem. 5″ pliers work just fine.

red-manThe reason I started doing this is that several years ago I stopped in Kentucky overnight at a Days Inn and the water was so full of chlorine that my skin turned lobster red, and itched so bad that I had to run out and buy some cream in the middle of the night, which helped a little.  I vowed to NEVER be without a shower filter again and I have yet to find a hotel shower head that I could not take off and put my shower filter on.  The difference between showering in chlorinated and de-chlorianted water is amazing.

Chlorine is an unstable molecule that wants to bind with anything it can get its hands on.  When it comes in contact with bacteria or viruses, it destroys them in seconds.  However, when it comes in contact with your skin it damages it.  And in a hot shower your skin will absorb up to 12 times any substance, including chlorine, if it is present.   In a hot shower, the steam becomes a carrier for the chlorine which essentially turns it into a form of chlorine gas that is breathed directly into your lungs.  Chlorine is terrible for you on every level.  It’s a known carcinogen – cancer causing element.

KDF removes free chlorine from the water by converting it into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble known as zinc chloride.  That’s why we sell the cq-cut-in-half-shadowRainshower CQ-1000 with a replaceable filter cartridge.  The CQ-1000 will typically remove more than 90% of the free chlorine.  Don’t go anywhere without one!

More information on KDF, carbon and shower filters.  FAQ on Shower filters.   CQ-1000 Shower Filter.


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Chlorella with Valerian – Reduce Anxiety and Stress

By Dr. Bob McCauley

The advantage of combining a concentrated herb such as Valerian with a complete food such as Chlorella is that the protein allows the body to absorb and utilize the herb much more safely and effectively.

As Valerian root ages, it produces a substance known as isovaleric acid. This compound and sleepinganother acid known as valproic acid are significant active ingredients that are present in the volatile oils found in Valerian root. These volatile oils are thought to be responsible for Valerian root’s ability to relax the central nervous system and reduce anxiety.

Double blind studies have shown that Valerian root can decrease the amount of time it takes for people with mild insomnia to fall asleep.

Isovaleric acid is also used to treat anxiety disorders and counteract stress. It has a sedative effect that helps to relax the central nervous system and provide a feeling of relaxation, grounding and calmness.

Isovaleric and Valporic acid as a remedy for tension headaches and muscular pain because of its ability to act as a muscle relaxant.  It is also known to improve menstrual flow and cramps, and as an aid with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Isovaleric acid is excellent for use against palpitations, neuralgia, vertigo, sciatica, chronic skin diseases and muscle spasms.

Valerian Root is a “natural valium” that acts as a mild tranquilizer by calming the nerves.  Isovaleric acid improves circulation and reduces mucus from colds.

Chlorella with Valerian Tablets

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Caralluma: The Ultimate Weight Loss Superfood!

By Dr. Bob McCauley

·        Appetite Suppressor

·        Fat blocker

·        Fat Burner

Appetite Suppressor
Caralluma interferes with the hypothalamus’ ‘hunger messages’ it sends to the brain which turns off your hunger switch. 

Fat Blocker
Caralluma fimbriata contains phytochemicals that block critical enzymes the body requires to produce fat. This forces your body to burn its fat reserves, which results in weight los

Fat Burner
Excess ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) – which the body uses as energy – is stored in the body’s fat.  Once you start burning fat with Caralluma the sudden release of ATP that was stored in the fat triggers the muscles to burn energy at a higher rate.  This results in muscle gain at the expense of fat getting burned. 

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Pure Low Metal Spirulina from Taiwan

By Bob McCauley

Spirulina is occasionally denounced as the terrible food that should be avoided at all costs.  spirulinaWhere Spirulina is grown is of a great importance since algae is a toxin sponge.  Chlorella and Spirulina are the two most powerful foods in the world. This is the biggest problem for Chlorella and Spirulina grown in China.  China is an extremely polluted country where clean air regulations have not been implemented as they have been in the United States and many other countries in the world.

The toxins most often found in most industrial pollution are heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, and mercury.  And these heavy metals are easily absorbed by Chlorella and Spirulina.  Our certified organic Spirulina from Spirulina is grown in one of the most pristine environments in the world.  It is grown in Southern Taiwan (Ping Dong) by FEBICO where there’s absolutely no industrialization of any kind.  The some of the purest Spirulina be found on the planet with the lowest metals comments to be found on the market.

Taiwan Spirulina Test Results





LEAD (ppm)



AOAC 18th by ICPMS



AOAC 18th  by ICPMS



AOAC 18th by ICPMS



AOAC 18th by ICPMS

Our Certified Organic Spirulina Tablets can be found here.

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Chlorella Growth Factor: Collection of the Most Powerful Nutrients on Earth

By Bob McCauley, ND

Chlorella is one of the two most powerful foods on Earth. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), or Chlorella Extract, is a collection of the most concentrated super-nutrients required for longevity.  It takes 100 pounds of Chlorella to make 1 pound of CGF.  It doesn’t come cheap, but a little goes a long way.

Therefore it is a 100x concentrate of Chlorella comprised of literally the most important nutritional components the body requires for cell replication and the accuracy of that replication which translates itself into longevity. Other than our relationship to God nothing is more important than our health because without it we cannot work and earn a living, we cannot help our family and instead become a burden to them.

diving_C_cellCGF is usually sold in powder and tablets.  The nutritional components of CGF are polypeptides, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, (DNA/RNA), nucleopeptides. These nutrients are found in all foods in nature but only in extremely miniscule amounts. Only in algae are they found in high concentrations and they can only be extracted from Chlorella and not from Spirulina. Nutritional components should not be extracted Spirulina. Rather, Spirulina should only be consumed as a whole food in my opinion. The reasons for this perhaps can be discussed in a different BLOG.

Chlorella has the ability to quadruple in quantity every 20 hours, which no other plant or substance on earth can do. It is programmed into its DNA to do so. It causes children and young animals to grow at must faster rate and for damaged tissue to increase its healing rate. However, exactly what this CGF substance is still remains a deep mystery.

It stimulates tissue repair, even if it has been ulcerated or damaged and has resisted traditional healing methods.

Chlorella has been used effectively as a topical treatment for damaged tissue. It is also the CGF that helped in reversing chronic diseases of many kinds. The CGF is an amalgam of RNA, DNA, amino acids, vitamins and minerals whose exact properties have not yet been identified.

Research has indicated that chlorella is effective in restoring the body weakened by persistent hydrocarbon and metallic toxins such as DDT, PCB, mercury, cadmium and lead, while strengthening the immune system response.

CGF improves our immune system and strengthens our body’s ability to recover from exercise and diseases. It also helps prevents gastric ulcers and helps promote healthy pregnancies. In experiments, mice that were injected with cancer cells showed a high resistance to the cancer when they were fed chlorella. Another experiment showed that CGF improved the resistance to abdominal tumors and increased the number of immune cells in the abdominal cavity.

Scientific research indicates that regular use of chlorella prevents the heart disease, and reduces high blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels.

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) derived its name because laboratory test indicated that the addition of CGF to a standard growth medium increased the growth of friendly bacteria, lactobacillus, by up to 400%. Many researchers believe that CGF, which is unique to Chlorella and present in the greatest values in Chlorella pyrenoidosa grown in sunlight, is the most potent fraction of all. CGF still holds many secrets but is a nucleotide – peptide complex with many constituent parts in very small quantities.

dna-istock-rustycloudThe nucleic acid in the human body (RNA/DNA) is responsible for directing cellular renewal, growth and repair. The quantity of nucleic acid in the body decreases from about the age of twenty and insufficient nucleic acid causes premature aging as well as weakened immunity to common viruses and disease. Nucleic acid is depleted by lack of exercise, stress, pollution and poor diet. Replenishing RNA/DNA is therefore fundamental to every aspect of bodily health, longevity and quality of life. Since Chlorella has a perfect reproductive single cell it is more evolved organism than the other more common green micro – algae and therefore offers superior RNA/DNA.

RNA/DNA also strengthens immunity by improving the activity of T-cells and B-cells which blue-DNAare the principal immune system defenders against viruses and other invading micro-organisms. CGF is identified as being responsible for the production of macrophages within the immune system which can assist in the destruction of cancer cells and the removal of cellular debris.

CGF is 100% water soluble and so readily “body-available”. The 3% CGF content of Chlorella makes it also useful for improving growth patterns in children, maintaining good health in middle and old age, healing injuries and initiating cellular re-growth where it has been stunted by disease or degeneration.good-digest

CGF stimulates the growth of valuable friendly bacteria which in turn has a probiotic effect on the body. CGF promotes normal growth but does not stimulate the growth of disease processes such as tumors.

The anti-viral effect of chlorophyll and CGF have also been found to be beneficial in cases of blood sugar imbalances-diabetes, hypoglycemia, manic depression – because Chlorella’s digestible protein smooths blood sugar fluctuations.

Chlorella contains a greater quantity of fatty acids than either Spirulina or Lake Klamath linoleic_acid-jmolwild blue green algae. About 20% of these fatty acids make up the artery cleansing, omega – 3, alpha – linolenic variety and it is believed that this is one reason why Chlorella has been shown to be so effective in reducing cholesterol in the body.


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How Chlorella and Brown Seaweed Extract Remove Radiation and Heavy Metals from the Body

By Dr. Bob McCauley

The fiber in Chlorella acts like a sponge and binds with heavy metals and radiation to remove them from the body.  Chlorella was used in 1946 – 48 Hiroshima and Nagasaki to help remove radiation from those who had incurred radiation poisoning after the atomic bombs were dropped there in 1945.  Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is getting  worse, not better as detail in A Story of Nuclear Disaster.  We set up a new Radiation Awareness and Removal website and a Facebook page to monitor radiation and provide options on how to remove radiation from the body, as well protect it.

Brown Seaweed Extract is the third most powerful on Earth.  Alginate found in Brown Seaweed Extract (kelp) is a natural absorbent of radioactive kelpelements, heavy metals and free radicals.  It has the unique ability of binding heavy metals and radioactive elements to its own molecules.  Since Alginate cannot be broken down by bile or saliva and be absorbed by the body, it is secreted from the body together with the heavy metals and radioactive substances. Iodine found in Brown Seaweed Extract helps protects against thyroid disease due to radiation exposure.  No other food in the world contains significant amounts of iodine as Brown Seaweed Extract (kelp).  You can also take Angstrom Iodine for your thyroid.

Chlorella and Brown Seaweed Extract can also remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.  We offer Chlorella and Brown Seaweed Extract in tablet form, as well as other natural products that can remove radiation.


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Brown Seaweed Extract – Third Most Powerful Food on Earth

By Dr. Bob McCauley

  • Iodine (Atomic Alimentary Form) – Nourishment and protection for the Thyroid.
  • Polysaccharides – Alginates remove free radicals, heavy metals & Radiation.
  • Fucoidan – Found to be Anti-Inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial algal mineral.
  • Fucoxanthin – Organic marine carotenoid with antioxidant properties.
  • Mineral Dense – 72 Identified Bio-available minerals including Vitamin B complex.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-kelp-branch-holding-to-rock-leaves-waving-current-goat-island-new-zealand-image30098311Brown Seaweed Extract is the concentrated dried juice of seaweed, specially Laminaria, a form of Kelp.

Brown Seaweed Extract is a natural dietary supplement.  Forty (40) pounds of raw seaweed are required to produce 1 pound of Brown Seaweed Extract.  

Organic Iodine feeds the thyroid gland which controls metabolism and promotes maturation of the nervous system and rehabilitation of the endocrine system. It is also the main natural disinfection agent in our body. Every 15 minutes all our blood travels through our thyroid.  Iodine is the mineral that is missing from our diet and because of this it has led to more health problems than any other mineral deficiency such as obesity.

Laminarin are polysaccharides helpful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It helps to balance coagulation of blood.

Alginate is a natural absorbent of radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals.  It has the unique ability of binding heavy metals and radioactive elements to its own molecules As the Alginate cannot be broken down by bile or saliva and cannot be absorbed by the body, it is secreted from the body together with the heavy metals and radioactive substances by means of defecation, urination and perpetration and expiration.  Combined with Chlorella in tablet form will give you an excellent way to naturally remove radiation from the body.

The major difference between Brown Seaweed Extract and all other seaweed products on the market is its bio-availability.  Even the most recognized kelp and algae nutritional supplements are generally dry ground seaweed in variations, or chemically broken cell types. In its original form seaweed is difficult to digest. Thick heavy fibers of seaweed turn into a harsh sandy substance when they are dried and ground. A simple test can be done – mix any other types of seaweed products with water and you will see that they do not dissolve entirely but rather make a sludge which never gets digested.  When we mix Brown Seaweed Extract with water or juice it develops into a light suspended gel.  The neutral buoyancy of water soluble fiber is the best indication of a product’s bio-availability.  The physical extraction and low-temperature vacuum evaporation processing removes tBrown Seaweed Extract - LOGOhe seaweed’s outer fiber and extracts only the inner, water soluble, part of the Laminaria leaf. This enhances minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides for easier digestion.

The physical extraction and low-temperature vacuum evaporation processing removes the seaweed’s outer fiber and extracts only the inner, water soluble, part of the Laminaria leaf. This enhances minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides for easier digestion.  This unique nutritional product is comprised of all the important organic elements found in seaweed.


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Klamath Lake Bluegreen Algae Is Toxic and Should Be Avoided

By Bob McCauley, ND

aphanizomenon flos-aquae

aphanizomenon flos-aquae

I have said for years that Klamath Lake algae should not beconsumed.  It is an area of intense agricultural runoff and is a polluted lake.  This algae, which is known as Klamath Lake blue-green algae (aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA)  is also quite toxic.  Actually, Cyanobacteria  is not  an algae.   In recently published reports researchers have demonstrated conclusively that I am indeed correct about this issue and that AFA should be avoided.  In fact, AFA is the bane of many lakes around the world where scientists and governments have fought long battles to rid  it from the environment due to its incredible destructive power.

“Researchers have warned against the sale of organic algae supplements containing the algae strain Aphanizomenon flos-aquae after a samples of every commercially available supplement available in the country were found to contain potentially dangerous toxins”

“The analysis for the presence of cyanobacterial toxins (MCs, nodularins, saxitoxins, anatoxin-a and cylindrospermopsin) encompassed only algae dietary supplements marketed in Germany and thus only the three main types of algae generally used for the production of dietary supplements, i.e. Aph. flos-aquae, Spirulina and Chlorella,” said the researchers, writing in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology.”

There is nothing in AFA  that cannot be found in  Spirulina in the way of nutrients  since both of them are Cyanobacteria.   If AFA  it a truly healthy food then they should cultivate it in a controlled environment and ponds  the way Chlorella and Spirulina  are grown, and not harvested from a polluted lake.

 ”The researchers said their analysis ‘clearly demonstrated’ that a high proportion of the algae dietary supplements available on the German market “is contaminated with considerable, but varying amounts of MCs. “Moreover, cytotoxicity analyses suggest that additional components are present that have the potential to induce fulminant adverse effects in consumers,”
“In light of the findings, the distribution and commercial sale of Aph. flos-aquae products, whether pure or mixed formulations, for human consumption appear highly questionable,” Dietrich and his colleagues warned.

aphanizomenon flos-aquae

aphanizomenon flos-aquae

What more evidence do you need?  AFA is bad news.  Don’t eat it.  Stick with spirulina if you want to consume a blue green algae (cynobacteria).




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Health Guru Dies Tragically of . . . . Cirrhosis of the Liver?

By Bob McCauley, ND

I was surprised, no shocked – when I first heard a few years ago the news that health organization founder and health freedom advocate Wendell Whitman died, and that the cause was cirrhosis of the liver of all things.  At 66, you would expect a health guru to die in an accident.  But not Wendell.  Wendell managed to eat his way to an early grave.  Wendell achieved some amazing thing in the health arena and he should be lauded.

Wendel started several organizations, including Trinity College of Natural Health where I obtained my Doctor of Naturopathy and became a Certified Master Herbalist.  He also help start the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.  All of them are terrific organization that have helped bring awareness of natural health to countless people.

I attended a weekend seminar on Body Work (Light touch) in Lansing that Whitman taught himself.  It was a great weekend, only Wendel wasn’t around a whole lot and he could barely see out of only one eye.   This was due to disease. If you read my BLOGS then you know that ALL disease comes from our diet.  The fact that Wendell was so sick when I met him and that he eventually died of cirrhosis of the liver tells you that Wendell did not honor the temple that God has given us, and that is our body.

Cirrhosis of the liver does not happen one morning to you, the way a heart attack might.  Cirrhosis of the liver takes years to develop.

Definition: Cirrhosis is a slowly progressing disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, eventually preventing the liver from functioning properly.

When I met Wendell, he was grossly overweight, perhaps due to his condition.  He was blind in one eye which due to his “advanced age”.  I maintain ALL disease is the result of your diet.  Ironic that the man who started so many useful Christian-based natural health organizations died at such a young age – 66.  For the record, I am 56 (as of 2013) and am NOT on any medications, never have been.  I just happen to be a raw food vegan, who keeps his body constantly hydrated, and properly mineralized.  Unfortunately, Wendell did not follow my health protocol.  Nor did he appear to be a fan of exercise, while I run vigorously 30 minutes each day.

I am not trying to beat up on Wendell.  He was a good man, a good Christian and he brought the concepts of natural health to thousands, perhaps millions of people.  That amazing!  Wendell: You’re My Hero.  But you apparently had no clue where disease comes from, our diet.  Most Christians do not consider their body to be their temple, as I do.

Wendell graduated from Taylor University receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree, also graduating from Southern Baptist Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree. He also graduated from The Clayton School of Natural Healing with an ND Degree. Wendell was the Youth for Christ Director in Anderson, Indiana; Pastored two churches in Southern Indiana; served on the Board of Kosciusko County Youth for Christ; President of the Exchange Club; Co-Founder of Certified Natural Health Professionals; founder and President of Trinity College of Natural Health; founder of Charter College of Health and Massage Therapy; he also published health related books; he was involved in the manufacturing of herbal and health products; founder of Health Freedom Expos around the country. Wendell also organized and founded several not-for-profit organizations.”  Traditional Naturopath

A telling story is that I listened to a talk at the Health Freedom Expo, which Wendell started, the year he passed away.  The speaker was an older gentleman who had known Wendell for many years, and one thing he said struck me: “Wendell would want to go out at midnight for a huge meal!”  That spoke volumes about Wendell Whitman and how he could have died of cirrhosis of the liver at the young age of 66.   I was told 10 years ago that I would not be doing this at my age, and tens years from now when I’m Wendell’s age I will still be running 6 minute miles.  That’s because of my diet, which is comprised almost exclusively of raw fruits and vegetables.


Let Wendell be a warning to us all, and that is that going to church each week, praying before each meal and all the other things that Christians should do is not enough.  As Christians, we are obligated to Honor the Temple that God has given us, which is our body.  (Spanish version of my book, Honrando el Templo de Dios – Una Perspectiva Cristiana Sobre La Salud).  All disease comes from our diet therefore we – ourselves – are responsible when we get sick, and not God.   Personally, I find it to be an notion just as liberating as that of following Christ Himself because as He frees us from the bonds of the sin, putting the right foods in our body frees us from the bonds of disease.


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