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Valerian – Reduce Anxiety and Stress

By Dr. Bob McCauley Relieves Anxiety Good for Tension headaches Muscular pain Muscle relaxant. Improves menstrual cramps. Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Helps with palpitations, neuralgia, vertigo, sciatica, Helps with Chronic suffer-anxiety skin diseases and muscle spasms. Valerian Root … Continue reading

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Chlorella with Valerian – Anti-anxiety Herb

As Valerian root ages, it produces a substance known as isovaleric acid. This compound and another acid known as valerenic acid are significant active ingredients that are present in the volatile oils found in Valerian root. These volatile oils are thought to be responsible for Valerian root’s ability to relax the central nervous system and promote a good night’s sleep. Continue reading

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Amazing Anti-Stress and Anti-Anxiety Herb

By Bob McCauley, CNC, MH Valerian is an herb that has been cultivated and used for centuries for relaxation and to relieve anxiety.  The acids found in Valerian act on the brain in such a way as to provide it … Continue reading

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