Mercola taken to School – Structured Water, Negative Ions. Sure Sounds Like Ionized Water to Me


Bob McCauley, CNC, MH

Dr. Mercola recently interviewed Dr. Gerald Pollack, of the University of Washington where he is a professor of bioengineering.  He has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary. The researcher has spent the past decade convincing worldwide audiences that water is not actually a liquid.  Pollack explained his fascinating theory in this 32nd Annual Faculty Lecture which can be downloaded here.

In his rather technical discussion with Dr. Mercola, Dr. Pollack repeatedly talked about structured water and the importance of consuming it.  Dr. Pollack scientifically talks over our heads about the most perplexing aspects of water, and that of structured water, which happens to be another term for Alkaline or Ionized Water.

Dr. Pollack: That makes me think that there is a good possibility that the water really has the capability of retaining that structure over a long time… Therefore, it’s possible that if you drink water that has this structure, it might be good for your health.”

Alkaline or Ionized Water proves that structured water is good for your health.  The body craves a Negative Charge, Electrons, Alkalinity and water that has a molecular structure is small and ordered, rather than bulky and not easily absorbed.

Dr. Pollack: “So it’s possible that when you swallow properly structured water… it might be preserved. If this structure is then absorbed into your intestines then it’s possible it can be retained all the way into your cells. It’s also possible that it’s the charge within the ordered water that really matters.”

It only stands to logic that nature operates best in an orderly and efficient manner and structured water does just that, helps the body’s cells become more structured on a molecular level.  This is because the water these cells absorb is structured and orderly rather than bulky and unstructured.

Dr. Pollack: “Structured water contains a charge, negative charge usually. It’s possible that what you’re really doing is absorbing the negative charge, and that negative charge is critical for building the structure. That’s another possible route.”

Alkaline or Ionized Water is structured and the drinking water has a negative charge, exactly as Dr. Pollack is describing here.  Negatively charged structured water is the healthiest substance we can put in our body.  And if it has a negative charge (ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential) it does because it has an abundance of electrons, which the body is constantly starved for.

Dr. Mercola Blog: Researchers have also investigated what happens to the structure of water when you run an electrical current through it.

This is exactly what Alkaline or Ionized Water is, water that has had an electrical charge, either positive or negative.  This is produced by an anode (-) and a cathode (+).  What happens then regarding Ionized Water is that the two waters, one negative and the other positive, are then separated between a membrane.  We drink the negatively charged water, that has now been “structured” as Dr. Pollack suggests it should be.  Alkaline or Ionized Water is hexagonal (6-sided) in shape.  They are compact, highly absorbable and extremely good for our health, since water is the foundation of health, and there is no better water than Alkaline or Ionized Water.

Water-molecule cluster size is measured by using a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance device.  We can also determine the change in the surface tension of Ionized Water, which is measured in dynes.  A lower surface tension demonstrates the existence of smaller water molecule clusters.

Dr. Pollack: “If you put an electrode in, it does work. It has a powerful effect… In the experiments we’ve done, it’s just a matter of 5-10 volts… We haven’t studied it in enough detail how much voltage you really need to put on to be effective. That needs to be done in the future. There are pilot experiments that we’ve done and we haven’t published them yet.”

Dr. Mercola, Dr. Pollack: The experiments you speak of have been done and have been conducted for many years now.  It’s called Alkaline or Ionized Water, and many studies have been done on the subject.  Dr. Mercola referred to Alkaline Ionized Water as “Snake Oil on Tap” in an interview with Houston Tomasz, a so-called water expert whose credentials were never disclosed and no one had ever heard of before in the Water Ionizer industry.  I wrote a rebuttal to that interview which was filled with more misinformation about Alkaline Ionized Water and water in general.

Further in the interview Dr. Mercola asks Dr. Pollack about the practice known as grounding, or walking around in your bare feet outside, which is healthy because the earth and therefore the ground we walk on is negatively charged, which was a surprise to Dr. Pollack since he was convinced that it was positively charged.

Negative ions are typically found in high concentrations near waterfalls, in pine forests, after electrical storms and by the seashore where they are produced by waves crashing onto the shore.  The average household shower produces a substantial amount of negative ions, which is one of the reasons why people often feel better after showering.” From Achieving Great Health by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH

We become sick when we live in a positive ion environment because the mind and body do not function well in that environment.  Negative ions are healthy for us on the outside of our bodies and on the inside as well, such as those found in Alkaline Ionized Water.  You would think the light would go on over Dr. Mercola’s head as he was talking to Dr. Pollack for nearly an hour, but there was absolutely no mention of Alkaline Ionized Water when, ironically, it was what they were actually discussing the entire time.

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6 Responses to Mercola taken to School – Structured Water, Negative Ions. Sure Sounds Like Ionized Water to Me

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  2. Hi Bob, Just came across your blog as I am preparing to write an article on “Alkaline Water Versus Structured Water”. Of course the term “alkaline water” requires clarification for there are many ways to obtain alkaline water, with electric processes being harmful as a tonic but beneficial as a therapeutic. Anyways, nice to come across your blog and I may visit later. Thanks.

  3. Bill Young says:

    Hi Bob, I know of you through your wonderful books on alkaline water. I am a student of Holistic Nutrition which also includes ionized water. Dr Mercola was one of my gurus, so you can imagine what a shock it was to read his “Alkaline Water is a Scam” article in 2011 in which he revealed shocking ignorance and outright bias against ionized water. I left many comments registering my shock at his ignorance. You can imagine my reaction when I saw his interview with Dr Pollack. Mercola does a very tortured dance to avoid admitting that “structured water” and ionized water were one and the same. I made several comments to that effect on his site. He BANNED me from posting on his site every again! Mercola is not the man so many of us believed he was! Keep up the good work, Bob. You have a new subscriber!

  4. j g gay says:

    I find the discussion of ‘charged’ water interesting. There is however a ambiguity which I can find no mention of – If a particular body or isolated assemblage of particles is ‘charged’ it will show a electrical potential difference with other bodies which have a different ‘charge’. The measurement is in volts (millivolts, etc). ALL voltage measurements are relative and must have a reference to be meaningful, therefore if a cell has a negative potential, what is that in reference to? The fluid outside the cell? The earth itself? As far as I can tell, the EZ water of Dr Pollack’s experiments is an exclusion zone which separates water into a thin layer which is negatively charges with reference to the ‘normal’ water outside or surrounding the thin layer. This only occurs with respect to water in contact with certain type surfaces. Therefore selling bottled EZ water is not possible because the water will recombine to ordinary water when the surface is absent.

    What say thou?

  5. Michele says:

    I have been selling the nanometer or Alkaline water Flask. It changes normal drinking water into alkaline with a PH of 9.5 I have been drinking it for three years and my family loves it as well. I would have to say that the feelings and health of the body are so very similar and the stainless steel flask is on 35.99 . Do let me know if you are interested in purchasing one. It comes with a booklet that explains every mineral and infared core that assists in changing the water into the alkaline state in 3-5 minutes. In the blog I noticed that it was stated that the lemon causing acidosis. Lemons are alkaline therefore a glass of water from the flask and added fresh lemon juice adds to the health aspects. I drink just lemon water with reg. water. You are not getting the essential minerals that the nanometer cup promises but you are still helping your body to be alkaline as a result. If you would like more information do let me know. The price does not even compare and I have had so many people love this product and state that they feeling so much better. Email me if you have any questions or would like to see the pics etc. I look forward to your letters.
    Michele Carter

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