Measuring Body pH

by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH

pH is a measurement of the relative concentration of positive and negative ions.  When they are present in equal quantities we have reached a state of equilibrium within the body and our pH will be 7.0.  There are two ways to measure body pH, which should not be confused with blood pH.  The blood always maintains pH between 7.25 – 7.45.  If it falls out of that range the body will quickly go into shock and death will follow soon after.  Anything that does get into the bloodstream outside of that pH is immediately pushed out into the body’s tissue.

Body pH
The pH of saliva and urine is a much more accurate measure of overall body pH.  I believe that the pH of the body should be approximately 7.0, which is neutral.  There are many opinions of what the pH of the body should actually be.  I have read as low as 6.3 and as high as 7.2.  If you are sick your body pH will be low.  The sicker you are the lower your body pH will be.  For instance, if you have advanced cancer your body pH will most likely be near 5.0.

Tools for measuring pH
Body pH can be measured using pH paper, pH indicator liquid (phenol red) or a digital pH meter in which a probe is placed into a liquid that measures the electrical resistance of positive and negative electrons in the water.  These are quite accurate for measuring body pH, however digital pH meters require constant calibration.

Measuring with Saliva
The mouth tends to be slightly alkaline, which is why it is a poor barometer of the overall pH of the body.  The saliva is a more accurate measure of the body from the waist up, which includes the upper digestive tract.  Therefore, it is not a good measure of overall body pH.  pH test strips are the only way to test saliva pH.  Many elderly people have a very alkaline mouth, more than the average person, because they no longer produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) in their stomach which has caused their mouths to become more and more alkaline.  Medical professionals often mistakenly see the high pH of their elderly patients and believe they are too alkaline.  This is a good example of why we should not use saliva as a barometer of the body’s true pH.

Measuring with Urine
Many things can affect body pH throughout each day, such as diet and stress levels.  In order to get an accurate determination of body pH, the urine should be measured first thing in the morning each day for at least one week, although a month would better.  As you continue to measure your pH each morning, a profile, or “moving average,” will emerge that will be far more accurate than taking a single reading.  Urine pH can be measured using pH paper, pH indicator liquid (phenol red) or a digital pH meter.



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