Magnetic Fields and Their Effect on Human Health

By Dr. Bob McCauley

All athletes get injured. I have never met a true athlete who isn’t currently injured or recovering from an injury of some sort. The more active you are the more injuries you will incur. BioMagnets are helpful at relieving pain and muscle knots.  Putting a small magnet on an injury can have profound effects.  I have been a runner and martial artist for many years and had my share of injuries and have found that placing a strong neodymium magnet on injuries allows them to heal in about one-third the time it takes without them. Knotted muscles relax within minutes with the use of magnets, even those that are severely knotted.

I managed to spare a friend of mine unnecessary surgery on his shoulder because of the chronic pain he was experiencing. When he mentioned the problem to me, I examined himmagnets and located a knotted muscle in the top mid-point of his back below the neck that was excruciatingly painful to him when I pushed on it. After three months of lost sleep and constant discomfort that his doctor believed required shoulder surgery, his pain was relieved in less than one hour by placing a strong ceramic North Pole magnet (3950) on the knotted muscle. It relaxed the knot that had been pulling on the muscle group in his shoulder and causing all the pain. There was nothing wrong with his shoulder at all and the surgery would have done nothing to solve my friend’s pain because the problem had been misidentified. Magnets are far more effective in their long-term effects than a massage or hot tub for relaxing muscles, which is why they serve as a terrific stress reliever.

magnetic-fieldPeople will occasionally comment that I use magnets because I believe in them and this certainly is not the case. I do not believe in magnets, but rather accept them as fact, the same way I would any mathematical equation. Two plus two does not equal four because I believe it does, but rather because it is a fact that simply must be acknowledged and accepted. Whether I believe in mathematical equations is irrelevant to the truth of their existence.

Magnetic fields extend the viability of enzymes. Placing a magnet under a seed will cause it to sprout more rapidly and the plant to grow faster and healthier than it would without one. Damage from plant diseases are also reduced using magnets in combination with negative ion generation. Placed against the skin, magnets alkalize the blood and cause blood cells that have clumped together to separate.

Placing strong North Pole magnets under food will enhance the intake of its nutrients because of the magnet effect on its minerals and the negative ion environment OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
that has been created within the food. I place the salad on top of a 3500 gauss magnet in order to be sure that all the ions in the food are spinning in the negative, or left, direction. plate-magnets This not only allows for better nutrient absorption into the body because ions in the food are negatively charged, it also charges the food with energy.  It is important to remember that we are Bio-electric as well as Bio-magnetic, therefore we respond to electromagnetic forces such as powerful magnets with a gauss level of at least 1000.

BioMagnets.  Magnetite (Fe3O4) is a magnetic iron compound found in several places in the head and brain, including the sinuses, hippocampus and pineal gland. Our body and brain are naturally aligned with the Earth’s natural magnetism and the magnetite in our brain is what facilitates this origination. Sleeping with the head of your bed pointing to the north allows the magnetic field of the Earth to flow around your body rather than hit it from the side, which provides you with a better night’s sleep, in part because magnetite is aligned with the Earth’s magnetism. All animals have an innate sense of which direction north is due to magnetite. It allows migrating birds, homing pigeons, whales acompassnd other animals to navigate. Humans also have an innate sense of which direction north is, although we have managed to suppress this ability because we have so disconnected ourselves from nature. As we age and continue to live on an inferior diet of cooked foods, the magnetite in our body begins to lose its polarity and becomes useless to us. Once its polarity has deteriorated, magnetite can become toxic to the brain, potentially leading to memory loss and severe mood swings.

EarthsMagneticFieldThe Earth’s magnetic field was once 4 gauss, 100 times stronger than it is today at .04 gauss. The weakened magnetic field has made it more imperative that we expose ourselves to strong North Pole magnetic fields as often as possible.

Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad re-polarizes the magnetite in the body, stimulates cell growth, alkalizes the blood, relaxes muscle tissue and relieves stress, as well as provides a restful night’s sleep.

One study showed a substantial reduction in tumor growth in mice using magnets with a gauss rating of at least 3950. In another study, schizophrenic hallucinations were reduced in nearly every patient with the use of magnets. Yet another study demonstrated that negative moodlets were lifted using magnets. Other studies showed a 50% increase in the lifespan of various rodents that were consistently exposed to strong magnetic fields throughout braintheir lives. Magnetic therapy has also been shown to be more effective in treating the body for injury and disease than acupuncture.

“The healing potential of magnets is possible because the body’s nervous system is governed, in part, by varying patterns of ionic currents and electromagnetic fields.”

Our bone marrow is the battery cell of our body. When the battery runs out, we die. Yet we do almost nothing to recharge our battery cell, which is the largest, most important production facility of our immune system. The only way we can recharge and renew our bone marrow is with strong magnets, FIR waves, proper hydration and a Raw-food Diet.

Using magnets while doing chi gong and other martial arts exercises increases strength OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand stamina, but it must be practiced daily to see substantial results. Sitting directly on top of a strong magnet with correct posture encourages our energy, or chi, to flow with greater ease, thus energy levels and mental alertness substantially increase. Wearing a magnet on your third eye between your eyebrows while meditating will enhance the experience, in part by strengthening your mental concentration and putting the brain itself into a negative ion environment in which chemical reactions and energy flow best because they are unimpeded by external forces. One of the keys to Great Health and longevity is regular use of strong neodymium magnets.

bio-magnets-4_wafersA tumor is a wad of toxins that have accumulated and lodged somewhere in the body.  Tumors in the head are dangerous because they have the potential to cause brain damage.  Tumors in the body are most dangerous when they are near an organ.  They all have the potential of turning cancerous because they are acidic, which is the perfect environment for cancer to thrive.  Strong magnets (3900 gauss) placed on tumors, the north (-) side toward the body, will help reduce in size and even eliminate them in most cases.

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