Pink Ribbon Mafia Gets an Earful

By Dr. Bob McCauley

I have always warned about the “Ribbon Mafia” – in particular the “Pink Ribbon Mafia”. These are the groups that raise money for the “cure” to every disease imaginable.  They are fundraisers, not cure finders, and everything – in the end – is about money.  We now need to endure an entire month – October – of men wearing pink, NFL and College football players wear pink jerseys and pink shoes, all done for “raising awareness” which is really about money raising – and nothing more than that.

Laurie Becklund, who passed away from breast cancer this year and was a staff writer at the



LA Times wrote a piece entitled “As I Lay Dying” at the end of her 20 year battle with breast cancer.  She tells it like it is, and said exactly what I have been saying for years.  The Ribbon Mafia – who no one dares speak against, or not put on pink when they are told to, is nothing less than a racket, and could be best described as a charity racket in my opinion.

I had more than 20 mammograms, and none of them caught my disease. In fact, we now have significant studies showing that routine mammogram screening, which may result in misdiagnoses, unnecessary treatment and radiation overexposure, can harm more people than it helps.” – “As I Lay Dying”by Laurie Becklund

At the top of my list of Ribbon Mafias is the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Here Your_cards
is a group that is more concerned with donating money to Planned Parenthood than it is about cancer research and finding a cure for cancer.  Boy did that ever backfire on them.  I found it difficult to get any work done for the next week or so since I just couldn’t stop giggling, even though Komen insisted that the response to their stupidity has been “very very favorable“.  Right, sure it was.   What a joke.

The most powerful organization in the breast cancer universe, Susan G. Komen , has raised $2.5 billion over the last 20 years, much more than many corporations will ever earn. Yet Komen channels only a fraction of those funds into research or systems to help those who are already seriously sick. Most of that money continues to go to a breast cancer “awareness” campaign that is now painfully out of date.  Becklund wrote.

I adore Becklund’s dissection of the Susan G. Komen foundation and I wish she would have done more to expose this completely fraudulent organization that bullies their way into board rooms to make demands of support and thakoment everyone wear PINK damn it.  Apparently wearing pink must actually scare cancer cells.  Why would they want to find a cure for a disease that is making them millions of dollars each year.

“We are each, in effect, one-person clinical trials. Yet the knowledge generated from those trials will die with us because there is no comprehensive database of metastatic breast cancer patients…”Becklund wrote.

“Promise me you’ll nepink-ribbonver wear a pink ribbon in my
name or drop a dollar into a bucket that goes to breast cancer ‘awareness’ for ‘early detection for a cure,’ the mantra of fund-raising juggernaut Susan G. Komen, which has propagated a distorted message about breast cancer and how to ‘cure’ it,”
Becklund wrote

Far more people die of lung, colon and rectal cancer, so why the focus on breast cancer?  Because it’s about women, and it’s a woman’s cause and they need to “march together to fight this disease” as if marching and defiance and awareness ever cured anyone of anything.  But it makes good sound bites.  Besides, 25% of all people who die of breast cancer are men.  Oops. 

1. Lung and bronchial cancer: 792,495 lives

2. Colon and rectal cancer: 268,783 lives

3. Breast cancer: 206,983 lives  Live Science

Promise me, I told my friends and family, that you’ll never say I died ‘fighting a courageous battle with breast cancer. Becklund wrote

I love this quote because people who get very ill, especially with cancer, and especially children, suddenly become courageous.  I have never understood this.

Susan G. Komen’s income was $287,409,269 in 2014 and allegedly 79% went into its programs for education, research and support, yet besides being aware, the money spent for over 30 years ($2.6 billion worth) did little for the survival rates of the breast cancer that actually kills – MBC.  Althealth Works.

Pretty in pink, and pink is pretty to a lot of girls.  But money is green, and that is the pink-ribbonprettiest color in the universe to the Komen foundations of the world.  If you want to protest next October during “wear pink or else” month refuse to put on any pink and instead wear green, the color that Ribbon Mafia really is about: the money.

“Pink is pretty, but it does not disguise the fact that metastatic breast cancer kills,”  METAvivor take-action page.

I will leave you with this thought: The body is capable of healing itself of ANY disease.  You need to stop putting the wrong things into it and start putting the right things into it.  

Put on a HOT PINK t-shirt and let that sink in. 

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