Raw Vegan Diet Or Vegan Or Vegetarian Diet?

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Quora Question:

Is a raw vegan diet better than a vegan and vegetarian diet?

My Response:

The biggest myth that has been perpetuated through the centuries and remains well established to this day is that a diet comprised mostly of cooked foods is healthy. 99% of the population will tell you that some amount of cooked foods is required for us to be healthy, but they are wrong. We’re also misinformed that many foods require cooking to release their nutrients. Cooking can increase the potency, character and effectiveness of certain nutrients. However, any gain we may get by increasing the bioavailability of certain nutrients in the food will be more than offset by the destruction of its all-important enzymes and thus its rejuvenative powers.

Cooking any food transforms it from an alkaline to an acid substance. Lycopene, an immune booster found in tomatoes, is a perfect example of this. Lycopene is found in greater concentration after heating tomatoes above 120°F. But the overall detriment to the tomato is not worth the extra lycopene the body may absorb from it. Also, the smaller amount of lycopene will be absorbed more efficiently by the body from a raw tomato than the larger amount of lycopene found in the cooked tomato. This is essentially true of any food once it has been cooked.

When we eat cooked foods, the body reacts to them as it would to any foreign invader such as a virus, poison or bacterial infection by producing white blood cells called leukocytes, which are meant to attack and destroy any invader. Studies on this phenomenon, which is known as digestive leukocytosis, were done in Switzerland in 1930.[i] White blood cell production is an immune response that also occurs in the body due to poisoning, trauma or infection. Highly processed, homogenized, pasteurized foods or those with chemical preservatives produced the strongest reaction by the body, i.e. the highest production of white blood cells.

The reason the body reacts this way is that since cooked foods are dead, the body does not recognize them because they are lacking enzymes and their natural chemical structure has been altered beyond recognition by heat. This effect was renamed pathological leukocytosis because of the way the body reacts to highly denatured, chemically altered foods. Pathological refers to disease because the production of white blood cells is one of the body’s reactions to invaders or conditions that may lead to disease. Digestive leukocytosis did not occur at all in test subjects who ate raw foods, which were labeled “friendly foods” by the researchers. This reaction happens only when we consume substances that simply don’t belong in the body. This is one of the reasons why eating cooked foods drains our energy. It is direct evidence that the body recognizes cooked foods as toxins or an infection that must be attacked and eradicated before they do damage to the body.

[i] Research was conducted at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry in Lausanne, Switzerland under the direction of Dr. Paul Kouchakoff.

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