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By Dr. Bob

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My name is Dr. Bob and I have been eating a salad for dinner everyday for the last 20 years. It is one of the main ways I stay healthy. Every day for the last 20 years I have had a salad for dinner. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my wife. That’s all she’s ever made for me a salad.


I started many years ago my having about 20% of my meal rice. That would help fill me up. It took me about 4 years to get rid of the rice entirely.

It took me a few times of trying until I finally got it out of the way it didn’t come back to it. Occasionally I have a piece of bread or maybe some potato or quinoa to fill me up.  Quinoa is the healthiest of all the grains in my opinion.

I even started making Dosa for a while. That was fun but in the end it’s just another starch or carbohydrate that you don’t need. So all I eat is a salad of raw fruits and vegetables every single day for dinner. What do I use for my protein? Spirulina and chlorella of course. I’ve been using those over 20 years.

The way I started eating salads everyday is that I learned about sprouts. And I ask myself why do I want to eat Sprouts. The answer came back that they were full of enzymes. So I got a book on enzymes and I read all about enzymes. The name of the book was enzyme therapy by Dr. Edward Howell. I discovered that only raw fruits and vegetables have enzymes. And that enzymes perform every single function in our body.

If you think, blank, walk, talk, every action you do is a complicated sequence of enzymatic reactions. But we always are constantly putting Foods in our body that avoid of enzymes. That didn’t seem too smart to me. So I decided to stop eating cooked foods and I only eat raw foods. A lot of people make real food dishes each and every night. I’m not one of them. I just eat a salad. Most people become Russell this for a week, or two weeks, or 6 months, but then they go back to eating cooked Foods. I stayed on the tractor great health, perfect house, the kind of help most people just talked about and think about and dream about.

Pomegranate is one of the “seven kinds” mentioned in the Bible which Israel was blessed with long ago. It grew in the region for thousands of years and is very much adapted to it: it sheds its leaves in the cold of our winters, while it sprouts in early spring when temperatures rise. It ripens at the end of the summer, very close to the beginning of the Jewish New Year. It was and is used for decoration and blessings in ceremonies of the New Year celebrations and the later holidays. It decorated temples in the past and appeared on ancient coins.

Because of its decorative value in Israel, its selection was done mainly for external appearance, not so much for eating quality. Nice color and crown are very important characteristics of the fruit.


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About Bob McCauley

Bob McCauley, ND (Robert F., Jr.) was raised in Lansing, Michigan and attended Michigan State University (BA, 1980 in Journalism). He is a naturopathic doctor, Master Herbalist and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He has traveled extensively, both domestically and abroad, visiting over 32 countries. He published Confessions of a Body Builder: Rejuvenating the Body with Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods and Ionized Water (2000), Achieving Great Health (2005), The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water, (2006) which is the only book on the market that exclusively addresses Ionized Water, Twelve (Fiction, 2007) and Honoring the Temple of God (2008). He considers himself a Naturalist, meaning he pursues health in the most natural way possible. He studies and promotes nature as the only way to true health. From 2002-2004 he hosted the radio program Achieving Great Health, which was heard by thousands of people each day. His guests included some of the most well-known and respected names in the natural health world. With the help of his father, Dr. Robert F. McCauley, Sr. (Doctorate in Environmental Engineering, MIT, 1953) they started Spartan Water Company in 1992, which sold vended water machines in supermarkets. Robert Jr. founded Spartan Enterprises, Inc. in 1993. He is a Certified Water Technician with the State of Michigan. He is also a Type II Public Water Supply Specialist and has the certifications of S-5 and D-5. The McCauley family has a long history in the water industry. Bob's father pioneered environmental issues regarding ground water and drinking water quality. He received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1953 for his thesis on removing radioactive strontium from water. He earned his doctorate in Environmental Engineering in less than 2 years, one of the shortest doctoral studies in the history of MIT. He taught civil, sanitary and environmental engineering at Michigan State University for 18 years before retiring to run Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors of Mason, Michigan, for 17 years. His reputation throughout Michigan as a water quality expert was legendary. Bob worked for his father's company for 12 years learning the water business, which dealt primarily with municipalities, including water quality and sanitary sewer issues. After apprenticing with his father, Bob moved on to the bottled water business. He established greater Michigan's biggest selling bottled water: Michigan Mineral – Premium Natural Water. He was introduced to Ionized Water in 1995 and has done more to promote Ionized Water than anyone else in the industry. Bob often lectures and offers seminars on his Seven Component Natural Health Protocol . Bob is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a Certified Master Herbalist. He is also a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor of Songahm Taekwondo (American Taekwondo Association).
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