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Ben & Jerry’s: The Unhealthiest Employee Benefit Ever!

Now  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has at long last admitted that, not only is it not “All Natural” as they have claimed since their company’s inception, but that it actually contains deadly partially hydrogenated oils better known as trans fats.  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream also contains alkalized cocoa, corn syrup and artificial vanilla (vanillin) or other ingredients that either don’t exist in nature or that have been chemically modified. Ben & Jerry are a couple of phonies, or at least the corporate giant, Unilever, these two hypocrites sold out to is. They screwed over their franchisees in various ways and many have concluded that Ben & Jerry’s has become just “another corporation”, a far cry from the “socially conscious” corporation it once was. Numerous blogs have denounced founders Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield as a couple of garden variety sellouts Continue reading

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