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The Certified Organic Racket that the Government has Created

Certified Organic (CO) insures us that herbicides and pesticides have not been used in the growing of a fruit or vegetable or algae. CO has become a necessary evil because without them you never know if something has been chemically sprayed or not. Herbicides and pesticides are deadly toxins in the body composed is hydrocarbons (oil-based substances) that are nearly impossible to get out of the body once they get inside it. Hydrocarbons easily lodge themselves deep in the tissue and will not come out unless they are actively removed through some of the things I recommend to detoxify the body. For instance, removing radiation can be removed from the body, however you must take measures to actively remove radiation, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and other toxins from the body through measures such as these. If you do not they will likely remain in the body, embedded deeply in its tissue. Continue reading

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