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Coca Cola Takes Our Dietitians to School. Literally.

by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH

I have always referred to formally trained dietitians, as food Nazis because of their inflexibility and insistence that they know better than anyone about what we should eat. Here are a few of the things you can expect to hear from the mouths of dietitians when you run into them:

They seem to love to insist that we should all eat dairy products.
Where else would we get our protein other than from meat, fish and eggs?
Always steam your vegetables to kill bacteria. Always wash your cutting board every time you use it, especially after cutting meat on it.
Do this because your kitchen is a dangerous bacteria laden environment that will infect you if you don’t.
Jell-O is a good food right after major surgery.
Frozen vegetables retain 90% of their nutrition compared to fresh foods.
I have found that it’s almost impossible to hold a conversation with a dietitian because all they know how to do is tell you what they know is true about the human diet and don’t argue with them because they are training, registered and certified. So shut up. Just listen to them and do what they say. They’ve been “trained” and you haven’t.

For the record, what the body requires is raw fruits/vegetables and water. Pythagoras, one of my heroes, was a raw foodist who encouraged people to only eat raw foods and drink water. This is called the Pythagorean Diet.

While researching this creepy news I discovered that Coca-Cola Beverage Company actually has an Institute of Health and Wellness. How about that? The company that produces one of the most harmful products found on the market actually has an Institute of Health and Wellness. The arm of the American Dietetic Association that issues credentials to dietitian, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), has approved a program created by the The Coca-Cola Company Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness. Now that is gutsy, doubling down against anyone who might label their product unhealthy. Next will be drug dealers opening rehab centers. If you are looking for irony regarding Coke, the World Headquarters for Coca-Cola is kitty corner to the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, GA.

Cocoa-Cola is instructing dietitians that some of coke’s worst ingredients: Fluoride, Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Artificial colors, aspartame and other Nonnutritive sweeteners “have been carefully examined for their effects on children’s health, growth, and development” according to Dr. Ronald Kleinman, physician-in-chief at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, chief of the Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Nutrition Unit, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. This guy ought to know what he’s talking about. I’ll have a Coke after all. And here I thought it was bad for you all along.

Make no mistake: Coke is poison and their collusion with the American Dietetic Association is yet another indication of how the medical establishment has absolutely no clue as to how a person can be healthy. My advice is to avoid both Coke and dietitians.




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