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Six Notorious Health Posers

There are health professionals who truly can help people become healthier and others who have nothing to do with health other than pretending to promote health when in fact it is the same old same old. Nothing personal against any on this list. I don’t know any of them personally. Here’s a short list of those who, in my opinion, are anything but health gurus who people should listen to: Continue reading

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Mercola Draws a Crowd and Big Yawn

Mike Adams was informative and entertaining, but he was on video, taped earlier, so there was in interaction. He was the warm up for Dr. J. Mercola, the medical doctor of www.mercola.com, one of the largest natural health websites on the internet. Mercola was an amazingly bland and boring. He mumbled incoherently from time to time. He ran through his slide show refusing to take questions, and each slide was a way to introduce another product that he sells. Everyone has to make a living, and I don’t call Mercola a sellout for selling products. I do the same thing and I like Mercola’s information and his website for the most part. Continue reading

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