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“World Renowned Water Expert” Offers Garbled Explanation of Alkaline Ionized Water

In an interview with Ethen Carrell, “World Renowned Water Expert” Ronnie Ruiz is asked “What is alkaline ionized water?”

World Renowned Water Expert: “It was a water processer essentially. It sends electrical charges through the water and gives the water more alkaline, which can reduce the chances of getting some diseases. Of course no one can be completely unsusceptible to diseases, but there are steps people can take to prevent obtaining diseases.”

Heh? Could I get an interpreter please? I’m not exactly sure what that sentence even means. Perhaps I can offer some clarification. Although AIW is quite complicated in regard to its mechanics and chemistry, it is created by a simple process that is easy to understand. AIW is electronically enhanced water created through electrolysis. It is produced by running normal tap water over negative (cathode) and positive (anode) electrodes, which ionizes the minerals in the water creating positive (hydrogen) and negative (hydroxyl) ions. The magic comes when the membranes separate the hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, thus creating alkaline and acidic water. These two waters are always produced simultaneously during the ionization process. Continue reading

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