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The Truth About Ionized Water and Stomach Acid

by Dr. Bob McCauley, ND A question commonly asked about Ionized Water is how can the alkalinity of Ionized Water survive stomach acid.  Digestive enzymes and stomach acid, hydrochloric acid (HCL), are produced by the body as we chew our … Continue reading

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Ionized Water and Stomach Acid

If we assume that drinking ionized water will raise the pH of the stomach higher than it should be or that Ionized Water will be neutralized by our stomach acid, then we must also assume that many alkaline foods that we eat will do the same thing. A lot of fruit tends to have a high pH, therefore it is not uncommon for the stomach to have alkaline foods introduced into it. What is important to consider is the overall effect of foods and other substances that we put into the body. If our diet is mainly comprised of acid foods such as fried foods, meat, processed foods, junk foods, fast foods, etc. our body will turn acidic over time. On the other hand, if we put primarily alkaline substances in our body then our body will become more alkaline. All disease thrives in an acid environment in the body and does not thrive in a neutral pH close to 7.0. Continue reading

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