Famed Detective Henry Lee is Either a Sell Out or Needs to Go Back to School



Bob McCauley, CNC, MH

Here is my video regarding this. I recently wrote a blog stating my belief that Cryptomondales is hoax as it is being represented to the public as a new Chlorella species by its Taiwanese producer, International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd. First, I would like to state that it is a good product that undoubtedly does what it claims, which is to stimulate PPAR’s production in the body through the combination of essentially fatty acids, EPA, DHA and GLA.  However, the claim that one species of algae, Chlorella sorokinina and a cyanobacteria, spirulina platensis, have been crossed is a flat out lie and complete misrepresentation of the product.  Algae cannot be crossed with a bacteria anymore than an insect could be crossed with a plant or mammal to create a new species.  Yet, this is what International cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the company that produces cryptomondales claims.  While scientists have successfully been abel to genetically modify certain foods such as corn to make it resistant to pesticides or insect infestation, crossing entirely different foods from different kingdoms has not been done, nor will it ever be done.  Genetically modified foods, which I refer to as frankenfoods, are the results of scientists playing around with nature.  However, this practice is the result of gene-splicing and not inter-species crossing.  Nor is this the result of hybridization, which requires two plants of the same genus in order to be combined.

Why the world-wide scientific community who deals primarily in algae have not come forward and spoken out against this is a mystery to me, but they need to in order to maintain and preserve the efficacy of algae strains.   I call on them to do so.  If we do not properly identify strains of algae then the foundations of botanical science will collapse.  Anyone will be able to claim that their strain of algae is superior because of the changes they made to it, which they will not have to show scientific proof.  Without direct verification of the algae strain the commercial market cannot survive because there will forever be doubt about every strain of algae and what it actually is.  False marketing such as what is happening in this case must be stopped for the good of the industry.

It is the job of every detective to ask questions, something that the famed detective Dr. Henry Lee has failed to do job, which is to investigate.  While he is endorsing a healthy product, it is a product that misrepresents what is actually is, a combination of Chlorella sorokiniana and Spirulina plantensis and not a newly created strain of algae.  It is a that claim that must stop.  Here are a few of the questions Dr. Lee might have wanted to ask before he decided to allow his name and face to be put on billboards around Taipei, Taiwan promoting a fraudulent product called cryptomondales:

  • Where is the Certificate of Analysis  (COA) for this product and new species of chlorella?
  • Where are the high resolution 1000 – 30,000x photos of this new algae species?
  • How did they accomplish this incredible feat of crossing a green algae with a cyanobacteria?
  • Where is the  cryptomondales powder so that others may examine it?

Perhaps I am a better detective that Henry Lee or perhaps I am not willing to put my name on something that is being presented to the public and is a fraud.  I have asked for:

  • The true Certificate of Analysis (COA) for  cryptomondales and have only been offered a nutritional analysis for this product which is NOT a COA.  Each batch of the chlorella which we sell comes with a signed Certificate of Analysis such as the one we offer to the public. We are the only algae company on the market to offer a COA for the algae products.
  • We offer verifiable photos of our chlorella cell magnified 20,000x and a 10,000x magnified photo as evidence that our Chlorella product is broken wall Chlorella cell.
  • The scientific community must ask about who this algae was developed by and how such an incredible scientific feat was made possible.
  • If International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd. offered some powder of this species an intelligent scientific review could be made and settle the question of what cryptomondales actually is.

To date, none of these things has been offered to the public by the producer or their spokesman, Dr. H. Lee.

When asked, International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd. simply refuses to present them.   No explanation, no reason why, simply “No.”   Its distributors should also be asking these questions and demanding the authentication of its product.  They are essentally complicit in the fraud of what Chlorella Cyptomondale is.  The public is owed answers to the questions that have been posed here for without them there is no truth in advertising.




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2 Responses to Famed Detective Henry Lee is Either a Sell Out or Needs to Go Back to School

  1. William says:

    Bob :
    Great things you have done ! But something is to be added (as my opinion) : they do not have a GMP system, ALL of their products are headed toward the outsourcing company to finish them with packaging. No certificate of the cell wall broken skill. It could be occurred the photosensitization as long as the PP and TP are high, they are high. Ash is high as well, even the Iodine is high not suitable for the suffering of the Thyroid Hyperfunction patients.
    We have a PPARs activator, too, alpha-linolenic acid content is 1.6g/100g, more than their content 1.25g/100g.

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