The Immortalists Documentary: How to Become God

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Under the guise of wanting to “defeat aging” the PhD eggheads in The Immortalists explain to use that the “cure for aging” is nigh upon us.  The “cure to cancer” to follow.

gmo-foods This is the worst idea since Monsanto decided to mess around genetically with seeds.  Finding the cure for aging will not be found in a laboratory, but only in nature.  Yes, we will all die, and I believe that God will take us when He decides we are ready, and of course the healthiest diet in the world will not 5gmocropsprevent or change that.  However, while I am waiting for my time I will live on the foods that God has provided to us so we can be healthy.  If you want to be healthy, follow my health protocol.  Because when you do, the result is health, which I can prove.

Two eccentric scientists struggle to create eternal youth in a world they call “blind to the tragedy of old age.” Their scientific journeys ultimately become personal as they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones.

7_Components_Chlor-Spirulina_CARD2015For the record, I believe that the Body is Capable of Healing Itself of Any Disease.  There are 7 Components.  This is the first one. 

Ionized Water, Spirulina & Chlorella, Raw Fruits & Vegetable Diet, Probiotics/Prebiotics, Liquid Angstrom Minerals, Vigorous Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude. These are the Simple Seven – the Components of Great Health. Follow Nature – which God has made – Honor the Temple that He gave you,  your body.  And you will have Great Health.

Why are they doing this research to live forever?  I’ll let them explain it.

Why do we seek immortality?
Easy: because the alternative is to die. And nothing motivates us quite like the looming presence of the Reaper.   The Immortalists Website

skiss 12 ENG 13.30Indeed this motivation is so powerful that the simple fact that you are now reading about death will already have shifted you, dear reader, into a different state of mind. If you are religious, you will now be feeling more religious. If you are patriotic, you will now be more patriotic. If you have something against foreigners then you will now have become more xenophobic. Whatever makes up the kernel of your world view, you will now more aggressively defend it and reject whoever opposes it. All because I just reminded you that you will die. The Immortalists Website

Here is a brief summary of their arguments and methodology in doing the research.  To be clear, one of the researchers runs marathons, and ultra-marathons, 100 mile races and none of this is remotely healthy.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey wants to cure aging via his SENS Method. SENS is a 7-step plan that stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The SENS plan is to *not* stop the aging process, but to periodically repair and maintain all the age-telomeresrelated damage in the body at the molecular level. – Aubrey has selected seven known causes of aging and developed engineered solutions to solve them. The types of aging damage are: cancer-causing nuclear mutations/epimutations, mitochondrial mutations, intracellular junk, extracellular junk, cell loss and atrophy, cell senescence, and extracellular crosslinks. – Dr. Bill Andrews believes the cause of aging resides in the small caps at the end of chromosomes called telomeres. Every time cells divide the caps lose a bit of information and the telomeres become shorter. This is the telomere theory of aging. Bill believes this is the cause of all the age-related diseases, like heart disease and Alzheimers. – The solution, according to Bill, is an enzyme called telomerase which elongates telomeres. Bill believes that he can find a small molecule that will trigger a gene in the body to produce telomerase, thus stopping and possibly reversing the aging process. – Harvard engineered genetically modified mice with short telomeres, and when telomerase was added, they showed significant signs of age reversal. – Aubrey and Bill fundamentally disagree about telomerase. Aubrey proposes an intervention called WILT (Whole Body Interdiction of Lengthening Telomeres) which would delete the telomerase gene in the body so as to avoid some cancers. Bill’s research is fundamentally the opposite, as he is trying to trigger the gene in cells to produce telomerase.  The Immortalists Website

The last time we saw someone claiming to have found the cure for cancer aniamledgendd messing around nature was I am Legend, which didn’t work out too well.

20160214_133341_resizedI even thought of trying some of Dr. de Gray’s concoction.   But then I paused and thought . . . What the hell am I going to do if I turn into a zombie.   I got a friend of mine to “acquire” some of de Gray’s brew, which his own wife, Adelaide Carpenter, warned him in the documentary of it’s potential dangers.  But I just had to try it for myself.  The results of Dr. de Gray’s immortality injection are on the left.  As you can see, it didn’t quite work out so well.   🙁


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