Health Expert: “I Won’t Even Run to the Mailbox” – “Raw Foodists Are Idiots!”

By Bob McCauley, ND

Michael Savage, conservative talk show host, proves that you can be highly educated in what would appear to be health-related fields and yet know nothing about health.  Dr. Savage obtained a master’s degree in Medical Botany, as well as Medical Anthropology.   He earned his PhD. from the University of California at Berkeley in Epidemiology and Nutrition Sciences.

michael-savageSavage began to read about this the other day on his radio program where he essentially said that any kind of exercise short of light bicycling was extremely dangerous for anybody over the age of 30.  For the record, I run vigorously every day and bring my heart rate to least 120.  I have been doing this for the last 30 years and show absolutely no signs that it is causing health problems.  Quite the contrary it is one of the things that continues to keep me as healthy as I am at 58 years old (2016).

Dr. Savage’s educational credentials, that of a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences, demonstrates without any doubt why people should be suspicious of those who have been educated by the mainstream institutions of higher learning.

“. . . all of you people are idiotic – idiotic to think that Raw-food is good for you.  All you deluded fools who think that by eating raw all you will live forever,  I have a little news for you.  I’m one of the few people in the media who actually know something about food and nutrition because I have a doctorate in the field and in particular have written many many books in the field prior to becoming a talk show host shall – take it from an expert – the reason men learn to use fire to cook his food was because A – you are not an animal and B – Raw-food is very dangerous.  It is a full of microbes.  It is filled with toxins of various kinds.”

“The great anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, the famous anthropologist wrote a book called The Raw On the Cooked.  And in that book philosophizes to the difference between a civilized man and one who was not civilized is that the civilized man learned to cook his food.”

You can call cooking your food civilized all you want.  Cooked food is – ultimately – the source of ALL Disease.  

“I know there is a trend in America for eating raw foods.  Better watch and listen to me very, very, very carefully.”

Dr. Savage then goes on to relate a story of a Hawaiian man who became extremely ill andsavage the doctors could not figure out why.  Some months later it was determined that his food had been contaminated with rat feces and the toxins had made him deathly ill.

“He had a terrible illness, months of recovery, paralysis, etc.  What is the moral to this story?  Well, you can make a joke out of it if you wish or you can choose to stop eating raw food.  Your mother was right, cook your vegetables.  Your mother was right, wash your vegetables . . .  For god sakes we listen to Uncle Michael.  Wash your vegetables.  Cook your vegetables.  Don’t eat raw food.  But stop listening to what these whack jobs are telling you.  I know the story – ‘enzymes’ they’ll tell you, ‘enzymes’.  They don’t know what they’re talking about.  They don’t know what an enzyme it is.”  Michael Savage [Michael Savage Show]

“I don’t have anything against eating or running.  Don’t get me wrong.  I ran for years and I stopped running when I was 30 when I heard an inner voice say to me stop running, stop running, stop running, stop running, stop running running running running running. I was running up the mountain trail every day . .  .  and eventually an inner voice told me stop running, and I never ran again.

An inner voice told me to keep running, keep exercising and eat raw foods.  S0 whose ‘inner voice’ should we listen to.  The advice that my inner voice offered me resulted in perfect blood work at 57 years old.  What kind of shape are you in Dr. Savage?

I ride a bicycle every day – but moderately.  Exercise2You need to take the Asian approach to exercise which is moderate, moderate, moderate, moderate, moderate, you want to elevate your heart rate very slightly.  Don’t [do it] to the point where you’re thumping in your of the head and you’re going to get a heart attack or a stroke.  I can guarantee you.  Or you’re gonna burn out at a very young age.  Obviously you are going to burn out your joints from running.  That you know already.

I don’t know that as a matter of fact.  I’m 58 years old and still work out vigorously daily.  I don’t have any joint issues.  I am not heading for a heart attack or a stroke and I certainly am NOT burned out.

How many runners do you know that by the time they are 40 had a knee replacement, a hip replacement?  So watch out with this extremism in your exercise, take the Taoist approach.  Believe me, I know what I’m talking about in regard to this and it’s the same with foods.  Stop with the extremism.”

This is what you can expect if you live on a cooked food diet.

marathonI believe Dr. Mercola, who I often disagree with, is completely correct to say that running Marathons are not healthy.  I’ve been a runner my entire life and I have always held this philosophy about running.  While I was in high school and college I would often run more than 10 miles a day, although I’ve never run a race in my life over 5 miles.  Running a marathon drains the body of all its resources, in particular its minerals.  One thing to remember about exercise is that it creates a city in the body as well as free radicals.  Therefore excessive exercise works against your health rather than for it.  My cousin nearly died of a heart attack while running a marathon because a piece of plaque became dislodged from one of his arteries then blocked his heart from pumping blood.  He lived on a meat and potato 100% cooked food diet, and those who live on that kind of diet can expect these kind of health problems.  Sorry, but it’s true.  I’m only the messenger: True health ONLY comes from Raw Fruits and Vegetables.

Dr Savage, stick to the politics and writing, things that you’re actually good atNutridiot-Savage
because when it comes to health you are yet another ‘know nothing’, or as I like to say, a nutridiot.  You are a classic nutridiot.



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