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Health Expert: “I Won’t Even Run to the Mailbox” – “Raw Foodists Are Idiots!”

By Bob McCauley, ND Michael Savage, conservative talk show host, proves that you can be highly educated in what would appear to be health-related fields and yet know nothing about health.  Dr. Savage obtained a master’s degree in Medical Botany, as … Continue reading

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List of Diets That Do and Do Not Lead to Truth Health

I really had no idea how many diets there actually are. I had heard of a few of these, but all of them have one thing in common and that is how to trick the body into losing weight, sometimes naturally, sometimes unnaturally, often in an unhealthy way.

When we hear the word diet we think of something that is designed to change the substances we put into our bodies so we will lose weight. We confuse weight-loss with health when they are not one in the same. There’s only one diet that leads to true health. Every other diet that someone has dream’t up only makes your body wonder why the heck you’re putting these substances into that don’t lead to true health. Continue reading

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It Drives Me Crazy When . . .

By Dr. Bob McCauley . . . I see the latest list of “healthy diets” in news articles and on television such as this one.   We learn there is a 17-Day Diet, the Dukan or French Atkins Diet, the Paleo … Continue reading

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10 Reasons NOT to Eat Cooked Foods

Myth: We are not like animals found in the wild. We are humans and therefore we do not fall under the same set of biological principles as other animals.

Truth: We are no different biologically or physiologically than any other animal on the planet other than we are sentient and they are not. Continue reading

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Wade Lightheart: Now Here’s a Guy Who Actually Gets It

By Bob McCauley, ND Wade Lightheart (here is a video) promotes a water ionizer that is sold through an MLM.  So essentially he’s a competitor of mine.  But I ran across this video and I have to say he looks great … Continue reading

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So What Does Bob McCauley Eat for Dinner (Part 3)

Last, but not least, I bow my head and thank God for the healthy, delicious raw meal made from the things that He created and that I was educated enough not to destroy it with cooking so I could make it taste better. I thank Him also for giving me the fortitude and the willingness to eat this way every night. I consider myself one of the luckiest people because each night I happily consume a delicious meal that brings me such Great Health. Continue reading

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So What Does Bob McCauley Eat For Dinner? (Part One)

Every night I eat the same thing and I have been doing so for over 12 years now, since 1999. What I eat every night is a salad. It never changes, a raw organic salad each and every night for dinner. I would suggest to you that most people could not do it, eat the same thing every night, but actually it only sounds like I am eating the same thing every night. The truth is that, although I eat a salad every single night for dinner, the salad itself is never the same. If I ate the exact same salad every single night I would’ve gotten bored with it many years ago and probably could not have continued doing it. Continue reading

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Can the body get enough water from eating raw foods exclusively?

By Bob McCauley, CNC, MH Raw Foods are full of water compared to cooked foods.  There are so many processed and cooked foods such as bread and crackers that absorb the precious water that our body requires to digest the … Continue reading

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Drs. Mercola and Cousens Debate Veganism: Listen to it before bedtime. You’ll fall asleep

Here is my video response to the Debate about the Vegan Diet Debate between Dr. Mercola and Dr. G. Cousens, who wrote the introduction to my book Achieving Great Health, 2005. The conversation meanders as these two technocrats of the … Continue reading

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Becoming a Raw Foodist (Raw Foods)

To start on the road to Great Health, you don’t need to become a raw foodist. Rather, you simply need to start eating raw foods. After you have made them a small, but regular part of diet, you will begin … Continue reading

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