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Wade Lightheart: Now Here’s a Guy Who Actually Gets It

By Bob McCauley, ND Wade Lightheart (here is a video) promotes a water ionizer that is sold through an MLM.  So essentially he’s a competitor of mine.  But I ran across this video and I have to say he looks great … Continue reading

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Randy Couture Endorses the Bob McCauley’s Health Protocol

A few months after he’d been using the Water Ionizer, Chlorella and Spirulina, Randy sent me a video endorsing the Watershed Wellness Health Protocol . I didn’t even ask him to do a video for us and he came through anyway. It’s the kind of down to earth guy Randy is. It was a proud moment and one of personal triumph for me because I was able to connect with a world-class athlete and introduce him to my health protocol, one that exclusively promotes natural health. I knew that if Randy liked it, so would his many followers and protégés. Continue reading

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Famous Athletes Endorse Watershed’s Natural Fitness Products

UFC Heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture, Bodybuilding legend Stan McQuay, undefeated UFC Lightweight Gray Maynard and former American Gladiator Jennifer Widerstrom have offered their endorsements to Watershed NatureBuilt superfood products. Continue reading

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