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It Drives Me Crazy When . . .

By Dr. Bob McCauley . . . I see the latest list of “healthy diets” in news articles and on television such as this one.   We learn there is a 17-Day Diet, the Dukan or French Atkins Diet, the Paleo … Continue reading

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Caralluma: The Ultimate Weight Loss Superfood!

Appetite SuppressantiStock_000010227166Small
Caralluma interferes with the hypothalamus’ ‘hunger messages’ it sends to the brain which turns off your hunger switch.

Fat Blocker
Caralluma fimbriata contains phytochemicals that block critical enzymes the body requires to produce fat. This forces your body to burn its fat reserves, which results in weight loss.

Fat Burner
Excess ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) – which the body uses as energy – is stored in the body’s fat. Once you start burning fat with Caralluma the sudden release of ATP that was stored in the fat triggers the muscles to burn energy at a higher rate. This results in muscle gain at the expense of fat getting burned. Continue reading

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