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List of Diets That Do and Do Not Lead to Truth Health

I really had no idea how many diets there actually are. I had heard of a few of these, but all of them have one thing in common and that is how to trick the body into losing weight, sometimes naturally, sometimes unnaturally, often in an unhealthy way.

When we hear the word diet we think of something that is designed to change the substances we put into our bodies so we will lose weight. We confuse weight-loss with health when they are not one in the same. There’s only one diet that leads to true health. Every other diet that someone has dream’t up only makes your body wonder why the heck you’re putting these substances into that don’t lead to true health. Continue reading

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It Drives Me Crazy When . . .

By Dr. Bob McCauley . . . I see the latest list of “healthy diets” in news articles and on television such as this one.   We learn there is a 17-Day Diet, the Dukan or French Atkins Diet, the Paleo … Continue reading

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Dieting and Fasting with Spirulina and Chlorella

Diet plans should be avoided for the most part because the vast majority of them unnaturally trick the body into temporarily loosing weight by upsetting the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat that we consume. In short, they tinker with the body’s metabolism and hormonal structure to the detriment of our health.

The key to all diets is drinking sufficient amounts of water each day. The Spirulina & Chlorella high-protein, high-nutrient diet promotes quick weight loss without the fear that it would harm your body because they are perfect foods with a complete complement of nutrients. Unlike any other diet, your health is not in jeopardy when you go on the Spirulina and Chlorella Diet. Continue reading

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