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Dieting and Fasting with Spirulina and Chlorella

Diet plans should be avoided for the most part because the vast majority of them unnaturally trick the body into temporarily loosing weight by upsetting the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat that we consume. In short, they tinker with the body’s metabolism and hormonal structure to the detriment of our health.

The key to all diets is drinking sufficient amounts of water each day. The Spirulina & Chlorella high-protein, high-nutrient diet promotes quick weight loss without the fear that it would harm your body because they are perfect foods with a complete complement of nutrients. Unlike any other diet, your health is not in jeopardy when you go on the Spirulina and Chlorella Diet. Continue reading

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My Response to Dr. Weil’s Opinion of the Raw Food Diet

Dr. Weil does not support moving to a Raw Food Diet, the only diet that is actually healthy for us. As I often state, all disease comes from our diet and is not genetically inherited. In his article, the reason … Continue reading

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The Whole Food Raw Diet (How to Begin Moving Toward a Raw Food Diet)

By Dr. Bob McCauley Taste Rules The Importance of Fat In the Diet What is wrong with other Diets? How To Begin a Raw Food Diet Dr. Bob’s Food Pyramid There is no need to diet. In fact, the few … Continue reading

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My Response to Dr. Robert Young and his book: The pH Miracle

I recently read The pH Miracle. Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health and found several points to disagree with in the book, which has recently become very popular. Dr. Young has done great work and I have a lot of respect for him and many of his concepts on health. However my areas of disagreement with him are profound because they refer to critical components of human health. We disagree on several other minor points such as the fact that he doesn’t encourage us to exercise, but others cannot go unchallenged because they are misguided in the most fundamental way. Continue reading

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Super foods

These antioxidant-rich items have the power to change your life By: Jill Wendholt Silva Knight Ridder Newspapers Blueberries are brain food. If there’s one good-for-you food that has cut through the din of conflicting and controversial diet headlines, it’s the tiny … Continue reading

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