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Is Water Conscious? David Wolfe Thinks So: Rebuttal

David Wolfe has stated that water is conscious, perhaps even more so than Buddha and Jesus. This is one of the most ridiculous notions I’ve ever heard regarding water. Water is an inert, inorganic substance with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen molecule. Continue reading

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Drinking Water Makes You Look Younger, Healthier

By Dr. Bob McCauley I started out in the bottled water business in 1993 because my father was a water expert with a doctorate from MIT (1953) and he knew where to find the best water.  I am a health … Continue reading

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Natural Skin Care

by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH The function of the skin: It is our largest organ Protects our internal organs from injury and infection. Protects us from dehydration. Helps detoxify wastes through perspiration. Protects our body from sunburns. Provides an important … Continue reading

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NatureBuilt Chlorella/KELP Extract in Tablet Form

by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH Introducing Naturebuilt  Chlorella with KELP extract in tablet form.  This is the only product of its kind on the market. KELP extract has no fiber, no protein or vitamin C.  It is water soluble and … Continue reading

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Chlorella: The Single Most Studied Food in History

One of the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard Dr. Andrew Weil made is “They are good sources of chlorophyll, but there is little to no research supporting the claims made about the algae.”

Chlorella and Spirulina are the two most studied foods in history. The studies come from countries all over the world and they never stop coming. There are literally thousands of them. We have compiled a few of them here. Continue reading

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Drs. Mercola and Cousens Debate Veganism: Listen to it before bedtime. You’ll fall asleep

Here is my video response to the Debate about the Vegan Diet Debate between Dr. Mercola and Dr. G. Cousens, who wrote the introduction to my book Achieving Great Health, 2005. The conversation meanders as these two technocrats of the … Continue reading

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Spanish Translation of Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water Released – Las Propiedades Milagrosas del Agua Ionizada

The Spanish Translation of Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water – The Definitive Guide to the World’s Healthiest Substance, by Bob McCauley has been released.  It is the first translation of any major work on the subject of Ionized Water, Alkaline Water, Ionic … Continue reading

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Snake Oil On Tap. The Ionized Water Scam.

I have been hearing for years what a scam Ionized Water is. I have heard it called “snake oil on tap”, yet no one has ever called for them to be removed from the market. Alkaline Water, Alkalized Water, Kangen Water, Miracle Water, Micro Water, Ion Water, Ionic Water, Electron Water, Electrolyzed Water: It’s all the same. Water that has been electrolyzed is most commonly called Ionized Water. And for some reason there is a great deal of opposition to it. Recently Dr. J. Mercola denounced Ionized Water. Dr. Andrew Weil has also found some excuse to dismiss ionized water. In fact, he did it twice. I am not a “believer” in Ionized Water anymore than I am a believer that the world is round and not flat. To have a belief Ionized Water and its positive effects on the health of those who consume it is a fact and not a “belief”. Continue reading

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Hoax Chlorella Cryptomonadales

An algae product known as Chlorella Cryptomonadales is grown in Taiwan and marketed throughout Asia, Australia and North America. The claims made about this strain of chlorella, such as how it is grown and what strain it actually is, are ridiculous. The algae that they say is grown is a strain known as Chlorella sorokiniana, which is named after the researcher who discovered it, Constantine Sorokin. Continue reading

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Dyno®-Mill or Dinosaur – New Technology for Opening Chlorella’s Cell Wall

Far more effective methods of opening Chlorella’s cell wall have been developed since the 1970’s. The state-of-the-art Pressure-Release® method used by our manufacturer is an entirely new approach to opening Chlorella’s cell wall. As the Chlorella cells pass through the specially designed Pressure-Release® chamber they rupture, or crack open, due to the sudden and extreme changes in pressure. There are several advantages to the Pressure-Release® technique over that of the Dyno®-Mill process. First, and most importantly, nothing comes in contact with the Chlorella cells, therefore the process is 100% natural and organic. The nutrients of the Chlorella cells are now available to be digested by the body. Second, the Chlorella cells are not exposed to heavy metals from glass or other impurities that may be present within the glass. And since they have not been pulverized, but rather only pulverized as can be seen in Examples 1 and 2, their unique nutrients remain in tact. Thirdly, oxidation and nutrient degradation are significantly reduced when using the Pressure-Release® method. You can see a significant difference between a Pressure-Release® processed Chlorella cell and one that has not be processed, or cracked open, in the photo to the right. And the digestibility of the Chlorella is just as high using the Pressure-Release® technique as it is using the Dyno®-Mill process.

Processing Chlorella using Pressure-Release® technology extends the shelf-life and nutritional integrity of Chlorella significantly. Continue reading

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