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What’s in Your Tablets? Spirulina platensis and Chlorella pyrenoidosa

There are several different species of these two algae, however the ones that I speak of in this book are Spirulina Platensis and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. Another Chlorella product found on the market is chlorella vulgaris, which is nutritionally inferior to its powerful cousin Pyrenoidosa. The kind of alga found in swimming pools closely resembles chlorella vulgaris, which does not have the broad array of nutrients that Pyrenoidosa has, nor its incredible dietary fiber. The Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) in vulgaris is miniscule compared to Pyrenoidosa. Vulgaris is cultivated by fermentation instead of grown with sunlight. Its growing time is only three days whereas Pyrenoidosa takes seven days to mature because it is a far more complex whole food with a much greater array of nutrients than vulgaris. Cultivating a food with sunlight is a much more natural way to grow a food compared to simply fermenting it. For one thing, chlorophyll can not be created without sunlight, which is not used in the fermentation process. You will pay more, but Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is well worth the extra money. Continue reading

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Hoax Chlorella Cryptomonadales

An algae product known as Chlorella Cryptomonadales is grown in Taiwan and marketed throughout Asia, Australia and North America. The claims made about this strain of chlorella, such as how it is grown and what strain it actually is, are ridiculous. The algae that they say is grown is a strain known as Chlorella sorokiniana, which is named after the researcher who discovered it, Constantine Sorokin. Continue reading

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