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Heavy Metals Found in Chinese Chlorella – Spirulina

By Dr. Bob McCauley Heavy metals are found in greater quantities in chlorella and spirulina coming from China.  Truth is, that all food have toxins and heavy metals in them to some degree.  The important thing to know is that … Continue reading

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Chem Trails, Heavy Metals, Chlorella and Spirulina

There are two things to know about algae. One is that algae tends to absorb toxins and heavy metals. The other is that, unlike other plants, algae such as chlorella, not only captures the heavy metal, but it manages to hang on to it and not release it into the body the way other foods tend to. There are plenty of reasons to take chlorella, and one of the most important is to remove heavy metals, hydrocarbon-based toxins, and even radiation. Continue reading

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