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Heavy Metals Found in Chinese Chlorella – Spirulina

By Dr. Bob McCauley Heavy metals are found in greater quantities in chlorella and spirulina coming from China.  Truth is, that all food have toxins and heavy metals in them to some degree.  The important thing to know is that … Continue reading

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“It Seems Kelp is a Better Seaweed Than Chlorella”

By Bob McCauley, ND One Blogee wrote to me: Dear Bob, Having read so much about Chlorella and also I enjoyed your blog very much. Profound sharing 🙂 May I know what do you think of Fucoidan, brown seed weed 🙂 It … Continue reading

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The Truth About the Chlorella Market

As of 2012, the only Chlorella produced in Korea is fermented inside the tank and it never sees the light of day, which is a product I would not consume. At that time of this writing, 2012, Chlorella is not grown in the United States nor has it ever been to my knowledge. However, the US has many ideal locations to grow chlorella such as Texas, which is not too hot yet has nice whether year around. Continue reading

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Know Your Source of Spirulina and Chlorella

Not all Chlorella and Spirulina producers are the same. Many companies produce and sell Chlorella and Spirulina. Some have decades of experience, while others have only a few years. Producing Chlorella and Spirulina is not an easy task whatsoever. It is a complicated blend of science and art. Chlorella and Spirulina are used as ingredients in many natural products, such as nutritional bars and super green foods. But the question is where does the Chlorella and Spirulina come from, meaning who produced it? Continue reading

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