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KELP/Chlorella in ONE Tablet

By Dr. Bob McCauley KELP/Chlorella in ONE Tablet Kelp Contains:  Iodine (Atomic Alimentary Form) – Nourishment and protection for thyroid function. Polysaccharides – Alginates remove free radicals, heavy metals & Radiation. Fucoidan – Found to be Anti-Inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial algal mineral. Fucoxanthin – Organic … Continue reading

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“It Seems Kelp is a Better Seaweed Than Chlorella”

By Bob McCauley, ND One Blogee wrote to me: Dear Bob, Having read so much about Chlorella and also I enjoyed your blog very much. Profound sharing 🙂 May I know what do you think of Fucoidan, brown seed weed 🙂 It … Continue reading

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