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Fitness Legend Jack LaLanne dies at 96. Taken at such a young age.

The question is that Peter Ragnar asked me was, “If you can live to 100 years old, why not 200? If 200, why not 500 years or 1000?” Another words “Does the human body have a time limit to it?” I don’t think it does, however keeping ourselves young at any age is not easy. We need to keep hydrated, alkalized and detoxified. We do that by drinking ionized water, consuming spirulina and chlorella, eating raw foods, taking probiotics, staying mineralized with Angstrom minerals, exercising and keeping a positive mental attitude. Continue reading

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Seven Components of Great Health – No. 6: Exercise

Component 6: Begin exercising each day There is no substitute for vigorous exercise and it is essential we do it daily if Great Health is our goal. As with everything concerning health, consistency is obligatory if you expect to succeed. … Continue reading

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