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Why the Food Network Will Never Have a Raw Food (un)cooking Show

I get a kick out of watching Paula “I’m going to wrap it in bacon and then deep fry it” Deen on the Food Channel. She reminds you of your friendly aunt that loves to cook and take care of everyone. But the food she makes on her show is the unhealthiest fair on the Food Network. It’s mostly fat, more fat, butter, heavy cream, whipped cream, chicken fat, pork fat, and then adds lots of salt and tops it all off with a drizzle of bacon fat. Yum! Looks like some of the tastiest poison you would ever want to put in your body. How about bacon cheese burger with two donuts as the bun? Most of what you see on the Food Channel is tasty poison, which is why you will never see a Raw Food preparation show on there. It would alert their regular viewers that all their other programs, which are exclusively cook foods, are unhealthy. Continue reading

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