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Omega Complete: Where the Fish Get Their Fat

By Dr. Bob McCauley, ND Supports Cardio and Brain Health Helps Balance Triglycerides Unlocks PPARS Receptors which Regulates Cellular Development Metabolism Energy Production Supports Eye Health Helps Blood Stability Helps Balance Cholesterol Levels Helps Control Weight Contains Essential Fatty Acids … Continue reading

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Astaxanthin is derived from the micro-algae Haematococcus pluvialis

Astaxanthin has an antioxidant action up to 500 times that of vitamin E, which has led some experts to term it as “Super Vitamin E”. Astaxanthin is the most stable antioxidant. Typically, an antioxidant becomes unstable after quenching a free radical, and in the process becomes a free radical itself. However, astaxanthin due to its unique molecular structure that allows it to span the cell’s lipid bi-layer and also because of its long double-bonded chain, can stabilize free radicals by adding them to its structure, rather than sacrificing an atom or electron. This makes it a better antioxidant than others. Continue reading

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