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Destroyer of Fatigue

By Dr. Bob McCauley Shilajit (Himalayan Clay) gives us: Antioxidant Energy Libido Blood Cleanser, Blood Stabilizer Helps To Assimilate Nutrients And Minerals Immune Builder Used as  powder and tablets combined with chlorella. Shilajit (Himalayan Clay) has been referred to as: Rock … Continue reading

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The Fulvic Acid Key to Heavy Metal Detox

Shilajit is a resin that is released through small cracks in the Himalayan Mountains due to heating effects of the summer sun. It is pale brown to blackish brown in color. This water soluble resin is soft in texture, slimy to touch, pure and heavy. Shilajit is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Continue reading

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