First Foods of the Earth and the Foundation of Nutrition

“You aren’t ill: it is just that you are made of second-rate materials.”

~ Natalia Ginzburg

If you don’t want to end up a sack of brittle bones and sagging flesh, then you should start by moving toward a plant-based protein source such as Spirulina and Chlorella.

A building constructed from inferior materials is ready to collapse at any moment, if not from external pressures, then from within.  The body built of inferior materials awaits the same fate.  The basic elements of the human cell must be constructed from the exact nutrients it has been using over billions of years of evolution or it will fold under the attack of any disease.

The nutritional content of Spirulina or Chlorella makes them the most powerful foods known.  No other foods can possibly compete with their broad array of dense nutritional force.  They are the heavyweights of nutritious superfoods.  The greater array of nutrients a food has, the healthier it is.  Of the nearly 70,000 species of algae that exist, most are quite nutritious, a few are toxic and a few are powerful nutraceuticals capable of providing the body with an array of nutrients that no other foods can. “Algae are packed with a rich broth of nutrients; it could well be that they’re the healthiest foods.”

Spirulina and Chlorella are perfect whole foods, true superfoods.  They have a balanced compliment of protein (60%), carbohydrates (19%), fats (6%), bio-available minerals (8%), moisture (7%).  The protein, carbohydrates and fat content in Spirulina and Chlorella are in the correct natural ratio to one another.  They are not extracts, concentrates or amalgams of vitamins and minerals that look good on paper such as the vitamin supplements that are supposed to be healthy.  In reality, the body does not absorb 90% of the vitamin and mineral supplements that are sold because they are dead, their enzymes absent.  Eating Spirulina or Chlorella, on the other hand, is like eating any other whole food such as an apple, orange or broccoli.

Algae are the oldest foods on Earth because they were the first foods to emerge.  Primordial species lived and evolved on them over millions of years before broadening their diet to include the many other foods that began to emerge and became diversified.  This is why the longer a food has been around, the healthier it tends to be.  For instance, wheat grass is a powerful food with an incredible amount of nutrients, but it has nowhere near the power of algae because it is a cultivated grass whose origins are no more than a few million years old.  The pioneering raw foodists of the 20 th century’s Hippocrates’ philosophy had the right idea by promoting wheat grass as a necessary food, but they left out algae, which is of much greater value and importance.

Chlorella was discovered in 1898 by Dutch microbiologist Beijnerinck.  Fossil records show that Spirulina and Chlorella have existed for billions of years essentially unchanged.  Chlorella fossils date from the Precambrian period 4.5 billion years ago.  Chlorella is amongst the first unicellular organisms from this epoch.  Both Spirulina and Chlorella developed survival strategies against harshly unfavorable conditions such as drought, radiation and even potent man-made poisons that have driven many other plant organisms to extinction.

There are several different species of these two algae, however the ones that I speak of in this book are Spirulina Pacifica and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa . Another Chlorella product found on the market is chlorella vulgaris , which is nutritionally inferior to its powerful cousin Pyrenoidosa .  The kind of alga found in swimming pools closely resembles chlorella vulgaris, which does not have the broad array of nutrients that Pyrenoidosa has, nor its incredible dietary fiber.  The Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) in vulgaris is miniscule compared to Pyrenoidosa Vulgaris is cultivated by fermentation instead of grown with sunlight.  Its growing time is only three days whereas Pyrenoidosa takes seven days to mature because it is a far more complex whole food with a much greater array of nutrients th an vulgaris .  Cultivating a food with sunlight is a much more natural way to grow a food compared to simply fermenting it.  For one thing, chlorophyll can not be created without sunlight, which is not used in the fermentation process.  You will pay more, but Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is well worth the extra money.

Spirulina Pacifica is nutritionally superior to its cousin Spirulina Platensis Spirulina Pacifica is exclusively grown in Hawaii and has been refined and enhanced through thousands of generations of the same strain until it has been tweaked to nutritional perfection.  Hawaii has the best growing environment for Spirulina in the world.  Aquaculturists select from millions of Spirulina cells in order to develop superior strains of microalgae that are more concentrated in nutrients such as beta carotene, iron, amino acids, calcium and numerous others.

A tremendous amount of scientific research has been done on both Spirulina and Chlorella from universities and medical institutions around the world.  They are also used globally as livestock feed.  Once tableted, they will last up to a year when refrigerated and even longer if vacuum-packed.  Both have proven to be one of the best solutions to world hunger problems.

Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., Director of Medical Oncology, Strang Cancer Prevention Center , researcher, author of Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program.

old-lady“World’s oldest person” celebrates 128th birthday

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