Dyno®-Mill or Dinosaur – New Technology for Opening Chlorella’s Cell Wall

By  Bob McCauley, ND

Much has been said about how the cell wall of Chlorella pyrenoidosa is cracked or opened. Chlorella is a green algae whose outer cell wall is composed of thick layers of dietary fiber that is excellent for digestion and binds with heavy metals and other synthetic toxins and removes them from the body.

“Chlorella’s cell wall is comprised of 3 layers. The middle layer contains the thickest cellulose microfibrils. The outer layer is extremely resistant to tearing or breakage. The characteristics of this fiber are unique to Chlorella and why it is so important that we consistently have Chlorella in our diet because it is not found in any other food source. Even dead Chlorella has the ability to soak up toxins after it has bonded with them. ”

From Achieving Great Health by Bob McCauley

This fiber that surrounds the cells must be cracked or broken so that the nutrients inside can be completely absorbed by the body. If the Chlorella cell is not opened, then only a small amount of nutrients would be available to the body. All Chlorella that is imported into the United States must be cracked or open cell according to FDA regulations.

The Antiquated Method

Typical Dyno-mill Food Processor

The Dyno®-Mill technique that is used to open Chlorella’s cell wall was first developed in Japan in the mid-1970’s. This technology was originally developed for use in the food industry and has subsequently been used in other food industries including Chlorella production. The use of Dyno®-Mill techniques in Chlorella production was indeed breakthrough technology for its time since no other technology had been developed that effectively broke open Chlorella’s thick cell wall.


The Dyno®-Mill process uses thousands of very small glass beads (2 mm in diameter) such as those pictured here that are placed in a drum with the Chlorella and spun together for several minutes. It is an effective way to open the Chlorella cell wall. This milling process, which can be compared to milling wheat into flour, pulverizes the Chlorella cell rather than just gently cracking it open. The Dyno®-Mill process also destroys the cell’s membrane, chloroplast, mitochondria and nucleus.

A Superior Method of Opening Chlorella Cell Wall

Example 1

Far more effective methods of opening Chlorella’s cell wall have been developed since the 1970’s. The state-of-the-art Pressure-Release® method used by our manufacturer is an entirely new approach to opening Chlorella’s cell wall. As the Chlorella cells pass through the specially designed Pressure-Release® chamber they rupture, or crack open, due to the sudden and extreme changes in pressure. There are several advantages to the Pressure-Release® technique over that of the Dyno®-Mill process. Example 2: Pressure-ReleaseMost importantly, nothing comes in contact with the Chlorella cells, therefore the process is 100% natural and organic. The nutrients of the Chlorella cells are now available to be digested by the body. And since they have not been pulverized, but rather only pulverized as can be seen in Examples 1 and 2, their unique nutrients remain in tact. Thirdly, oxidation and nutrient degradation are significantly reduced when using both methods. You can see a significant difference between a Pressure-Release® processed Chlorella cell and one that has not be processed, or cracked open, in the photo to the right. And the digestibility of the Chlorella is just as high using the Pressure-Release® technique as it is using the Dyno®-Mill process.


Processing Chlorella using Pressure-Release® technology extends the shelf-life and nutritional integrity of Chlorella.  Both methods of opening the Chlorella cell wall are effective.


More can be learned about the extraordinary health benefits of the Chlorella and its incredible dietary fiber on our Chlorella Information Page as well as Achieving Great Health by Bob McCauley


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About Bob McCauley

Bob McCauley, ND (Robert F., Jr.) was raised in Lansing, Michigan and attended Michigan State University (BA, 1980 in Journalism). He is a naturopathic doctor, Master Herbalist and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He has traveled extensively, both domestically and abroad, visiting over 32 countries. He published Confessions of a Body Builder: Rejuvenating the Body with Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods and Ionized Water (2000), Achieving Great Health (2005), The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water, (2006) which is the only book on the market that exclusively addresses Ionized Water, Twelve (Fiction, 2007) and Honoring the Temple of God (2008). He considers himself a Naturalist, meaning he pursues health in the most natural way possible. He studies and promotes nature as the only way to true health. From 2002-2004 he hosted the radio program Achieving Great Health, which was heard by thousands of people each day. His guests included some of the most well-known and respected names in the natural health world. With the help of his father, Dr. Robert F. McCauley, Sr. (Doctorate in Environmental Engineering, MIT, 1953) they started Spartan Water Company in 1992, which sold vended water machines in supermarkets. Robert Jr. founded Spartan Enterprises, Inc. in 1993. He is a Certified Water Technician with the State of Michigan. He is also a Type II Public Water Supply Specialist and has the certifications of S-5 and D-5. The McCauley family has a long history in the water industry. Bob's father pioneered environmental issues regarding ground water and drinking water quality. He received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1953 for his thesis on removing radioactive strontium from water. He earned his doctorate in Environmental Engineering in less than 2 years, one of the shortest doctoral studies in the history of MIT. He taught civil, sanitary and environmental engineering at Michigan State University for 18 years before retiring to run Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors of Mason, Michigan, for 17 years. His reputation throughout Michigan as a water quality expert was legendary. Bob worked for his father's company for 12 years learning the water business, which dealt primarily with municipalities, including water quality and sanitary sewer issues. After apprenticing with his father, Bob moved on to the bottled water business. He established greater Michigan's biggest selling bottled water: Michigan Mineral – Premium Natural Water. He was introduced to Ionized Water in 1995 and has done more to promote Ionized Water than anyone else in the industry. Bob often lectures and offers seminars on his Seven Component Natural Health Protocol . Bob is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a Certified Master Herbalist. He is also a 3rd Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor of Songahm Taekwondo (American Taekwondo Association).
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  1. Dale Jansen says:

    We are working on a spirulina/chlorella formula. We need names of the best chlorella bulk suppliers in the US. Powder, not tablets as we intend to mix other powders (stabilized aloe, fulvic minerals, green tea phytosome) with it.
    I hear such terms as: German High Frequency, Sun Cracked, Dyno, Pressure and Heat cracked and Low-pressure flash expansion. Which is best?

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  4. Hello Bob,

    Please provide me with your telephone number so we can talk.
    TekManna will begin construction of the only Chlorella farm in the USA soon.
    We will begin production during the fourth quarter of this year. Our product is sunlight grown (completely enclosed) and absolutely pure and processed in a cGMO and FDA approved facility.
    Everyone we talk with is very excited about our farm. I would like to discuss it with you.
    My cell phone is 832-563-5201

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