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Aging Should Not Mean Decline

However, if I was able to still perform all those tasks, including doing most of the things I did when I was in my twenties, I would want to stay alive another day as much as anyone else. Why would anyone ever want to die at a certain age? If you believe you probably will want to die before the age of 100 simply because you have lived long enough, then why don’t you believe that at 30, 40 or any age for that matter? We are conditioned to think this way because we have our health when we are young. We feel our whole life is in front of us. It is only when we are faced with no longer being able to function normally as a human that we want to die gracefully and no longer be a burden to others. It is only when we are diseased and dilapidated that we will no longer want to live. Once we have lost our dignity, we want to give up and die because it is too humiliating to live having others care for us as they would a baby. It is humbling to have the children you once raised now care for you. Becoming a stick figure ready to be snapped into pieces by a strong gust is what you have to look forward to as a cooked foodist. However, as a raw foodist you will never decline in such a remorseful fashion unless you go back to your cooked-food ways. Continue reading

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Aging Should Not Mean Decline

Most people will shake their head at the idea of living to be 90 or 100 years old because they have only seen cooked foodists who are that age and for the most part, they are not a pretty sight.  … Continue reading

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