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FDA Warns Pharma Inc. about Irradiated Spirulina from China

I have said for years that chlorella and spirulina from China should be viewed suspciously for several reasons.

They are notoriously high in heavy metals. When Japan industrialize suddenly in the 1970’s. As this happened, Japan was exposed to tremendous amounts of mercury which caused China is experiencing the same phenomena. And with such a large and cumbersome population, China has created one of the polluted environments in the world. Algae grown in this type of environment will also contain those toxins. Continue reading

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Benzene in soft drinks warrants FDA warning

Suzanne Havala Hobbs , Correspondent Benzene is in some soft drinks and other beverages sold in the United States , many of them consumed regularly by children. That simple statement alone should be enough to prompt swift and serious action … Continue reading

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FDA finds benzene in soft drinks

BY DAVID GOLDSTEIN Knight Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON- When small amounts of benzene, a known cancer-causing chemical, were found in some soft drinks 16 years ago, the Food and Drug Administration never told the public. That’s because the beverage industry told … Continue reading

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