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“Cooked Food is More Nutritious”

To cook or not to cook your food. To be healthy or not to be healthy. We have heard for years that cooking your food “releases the nutrients”. I am quite skeptical of this claim and always have been. A recent article reported that by cooking Tomatoes, Carrots and Spinach have little or not nutrition unless you cook them. Continue reading

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Building the Perfect Salad

By Bob McCauley, ND The Structural Nature of Food –  Part 3 “He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be otherwise.”     ~ Henry David Thoreau Part 1 … Continue reading

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The Food Pyramid Needs a Makeover in the Worse Way Imaginable

The food pyramid is the first lesson most children learn about health. It is an early step taken to unwittingly brainwash our children about food and health because it is based on a false assumption that the human body requires meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, which it does not. It misinforms by telling us that if we simply eat from the four food groups we will be healthy. Continue reading

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The Raw Food Pyramid: Often Copied, Never Equaled

The goal is to allocate them in the proportions I suggest you do in the Raw Food Pyramid. The body requires water more than anything else. Nothing is more important than water, and there is no better water than Alkaline Ionized Water. As far as nutrients, nothing is more important for the body than chlorophyll, which is why greens are at the bottom of the raw food pyramid. They contain the all-important nutrient chlorophyll. Next are various vegetables of all kinds, followed by fruit, although it is important to remember that we need to limit the amount of sugar we put into the body. Continue reading

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