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Start Your Day with Angstrom Liquid Silver and Alkaline Ionized Water

By Dr. Bob McCauley, ND I start each day with liquid angstrom silver and one liter of Alkaline Ionized Water.  It’s the only way – the healthiest way – to start your day.       Dr. Bob’s Blog is … Continue reading

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The Mineral That Saved My Life – Part 3

Silver is famous for reducing and killing bacteria and viruses and I’d brought 1.5 ounces of liquid Angstrom Silver (500 ppm), which meant I had one ounce left or less than 2 capfuls. I took the first capful of liquid silver, holding it under my tongue for about 5 – 6 minutes, which was long enough that most of the liquid disappeared from my mouth. Holding the liquid under your tongue is an excellent and efficient way to consume any Angstrom mineral such as Silver. The minerals enter the bloodstream through the sublingual duct under the tongue which allows them to enter the bloodstream directly and therefore much more effectively.
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Seven Components of Great Health – Component No. 5: Angstrom Minerals

Component 5: Introduce Angstrom Minerals to Your Diet Minerals are among the most important nutrients required by the body. They are directly and indirectly involved in every bodily process. Along with amino acids (protein), minerals are the basic building blocks … Continue reading

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Cleaning A Water Ionizer with White Vinegar

If there is very little water coming out the tube that drains into the sink (the acid tube), the unit may need cleaning because of mineral build-up on the electrodes.  This usually does not become a problem for until at … Continue reading

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