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How I Got PERFECT Blood Work at Age 57

They demonstrate that by following my 7 Component Health Protocol Great Health will be the result. Nothing out of the “Expected Range”. How did I do it? Very Simple, I follow my own 7 Component Health Protocol. Ionized Water, Spirulna – Chlorella, Raw Foods, Probiotics, Angstrom Minerals, Daily Vigorous Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude. Simple, very simple to understand, although difficult to actually do it. Just takes determination. BTW, I’m also 100% vegan. Continue reading

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Oldest Woman in the World Dies at 115 – Just Because You’re Old . . .

by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH . . . doesn’t mean you’re healthy.  In fact, no one older ever does.  The idea that someone dies of old age is just a way of saying that there is no telling what killed … Continue reading

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Negative Ion Regeneration For Youthfulness and Longevity

By John Heinerman, Ph.D. Foreward by Lendon Smith, M.D. Section One: Vitamins of the Air Approximately half-a-century ago, a certain woman living in a large, crowded city contracted tuberculosis. Doctors did what they could for her without any avail. They … Continue reading

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