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Book: Empower Yourself By Being Truly Healthy

We should strive to have a meaningful relationship with God, which will be greatly enhanced when we honor the temple He has given us, that which we call our body. We do this by consuming Ionized Water, Spirulina and Chlorella, living foods, probiotics, minerals, by exercising and having a meaningful spiritual life and a close relationship with God. To accomplish this, we must learn to embrace the sacred principals of wisdom, knowledge, healing and faith if we expect to truly honor the temple God has given us. Continue reading

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The Toxic Temple We Create Within Ourselves

If you are sick with any disease you also know that you are toxic because disease lives on toxins. In the absence of toxins, disease cannot exist in the body. If you are healthy your body will not contain substances that do not belong in it. Anything that does not perform a useful function in the body should be regarded as a toxin that needs to be removed. Continue reading

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Honoring The Temple Of God

When we stop to consider which is the greater temple, a community church or our body, it is easy to recognize that our body is a glorious work of God and a church is a simple man-made structure. The human … Continue reading

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