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A Short History of Alkaline Ionized Water

The struggle for health is the effort to get enough negative ions into the body. This is accomplished by eating raw foods and drinking Ionized Water. It is impossible for us to be truly healthy while living in a positive ion environment, both inside and outside the body. Given that, it cannot be understated that the discovery and subsequent research into negative ions is one of the great moments in the quest for human health. Continue reading

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Who is behind the Water Ionizer “Comparison” websites?

Who is behind the Water Ionizer “Comparison” websites? A plethora of websites have sprung up on the internet that do nothing but compare water ionizers that are sold by various companies. They are professionally done and easy to navigate. But … Continue reading

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Bob McCauley’s Story of Great Health – Pt. 3

I became first a lacto-vegetarian, then vegan and now a raw-food vegan. Many people change to the raw lifestyle because of a health challenge, but I am not one of them. I slowly changed to the raw food lifestyle and … Continue reading

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Ionized Water

In order to be healthy we need only do three things: Alkalize, hydrate and detoxify the body. If we accomplish this, we can prevent and even cure the body of any disease. All we need to know is how to … Continue reading

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