Dr. Bob’s New Book: God’s Path to Disease-Free Living

By Dr. Bob McCauley

God’s Path to Disease-Free Living – What the Scriptures Tell Us About Health is my latest book on all natural health, this time told from the prospective of how God tells us through scripture.

The health protocol explained in this book is the next revolution in Christianity. This Gods Path to Disease-Free Living - FRONT Coverrevolution concerns the recognition that the temple of God is within us because our bodies literally are temples of God. And they are far more important temples than one built of wood, steel, and brick.

Jesus speaks of the body as being the living temple of God and refers to His own body as a
temple. His words are misunderstood, as was much of His message to those who lived in those times. The Bible states that health and wellness are found with God. If your body is full of disease, it is because of the choices you have made. All disease comes from our diet. Our genes have nothing to do with whether we get sick or not. Disease does not run in our families due to genetics but rather dietary habits that tend to lead to many of the same diseases.

If we want to be healthy, we must hydrate, alkalize, and detoxify (HAD) our bodies, which creates an environment of health within the body.  Alkaline Ionized Water is an antioxidant produced by electrolysis that Hydrates, Alkalizes, and Detoxifies the body when consumed. Alkaline Ionized Water is the healthiest substance we can put in the body because there is nothing better for us than water and there is no better water than ionized water. The most common cause of disease is that people don’t drink enough water, which leads to chronic cellular dehydration, where the body’s cells are unable to function to their capacity and serve the body as they are meant to.

Spirulina and chlorella, two types of algae, are the healthiest, most powerful foods on earth. They have the broadest array of nutrients and are the most nutrient dense of any whole foods. They are 60 percent protein and are what we should use for our protein instead of animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, and dairy). The amino acids (protein) in spirulina and chlorella are vastly superior to those found in animal protein. They are also high in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and nucleic acids Gods Path to disease-free living - Back Cover(RNA/DNA).

Living foods (raw, uncooked, unprocessed fruits and vegetables) should be consumed because they also hydrate, alkalize, and detoxify the body. Living foods are filled with enzymes, which only God is capable of creating. Everything we do as humans, whether we think, walk, talk, blink, etc., is the result of enzymatic reactions. Yet we constantly put cooked and processed foods in our bodies that are void of enzymes. The reason we eat cooked foods is because we like their taste and we are under the mistaken impression that they are healthy for us when in fact they are not. Cooked foods should be considered an addiction because they are not healthy for us, yet most of us cannot stop consuming them. It is impractical to believe that we will change our diet overnight to one comprised exclusively of living foods. Instead, we must try to make them as much a part of our diet as possible. We must create new traditions with our friends and family that revolve around living foods that are created by God and have not had their invaluable nutrients destroyed by cooking and/or processing.

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria we require to break down and absorb the nutrients we consume each day. They create vitamins in the body and help keep the digestive tract clean. They also help control harmful bacteria such as E-coli and H-pylori, which is the cause of stomach ulcers.

Mineral depletion in the soil over the last hundred years has necessitated the use of three_crossesmineral supplements to compensate for the loss of their availability in our diet. All minerals required by the body are essential, meaning that the body cannot create them, and therefore they must be consumed. Minerals are the keys that start the engine of our health. They give the body conductivity, which is critical for human life. Nearly all bodily processes are dependent upon certain minerals for them to take place. Vitamins and amino acids are unable to be formed and/or utilized by the body without minerals. Angstrom minerals are the most easily absorbed form of minerals because of their incredibly small size.

We must exercise vigorously each day if we expect to be healthy. Exercise builds the body’s immune system in ways that nutrients cannot. It helps keep our blood and organs cleansed and well oxygenated.

We also must maintain a positive mental attitude if we wish to be healthy. If we allow negative thoughts to reside within our minds and hearts, all the water and nutrition in the world will not be able to help us. We should strive to have a meaningful relationship with God, which will be greatly enhanced when we honor the temple He has given us, that which we call our body. We do this by consuming Ionized Water, spirulina and chlorella, living foods, probiotics, and minerals, by exercising, and by having a meaningful spiritual life and a close relationship with God. To accomplish this, we must learn to embrace the sacred principles of wisdom, knowledge, healing, and faith if we expect to truly honor the temple God has given us.  This is only path to disease-free living.

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Secret Anti-Inflammatory Nutrient

By Dr. Bob McCauley

MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, is an organic sulfur a mineral that plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity and elasticity of connective and other tissues. It helps improve collagen synthesis.  MSM is an important component of proteins found throughout the body, such as in hair, nails, skin and tendons.  MSM is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune builder.

  1. Increases Flexibility
  2. Detoxication properties
  3. Accelerates Healing
  4. More Energy – Results In The Production Of Energy – ATP
  5. Production Depends On Sulfur
  6. Accelerates Healing
  7. Assists with the Production of Hair, Nails, Skin And Cartilage
  8. Constipation
  9. Helps Relieve Premenstrual syndrome
  10. High blood pressure
  11. Helps lower cholesterol

Most importantly MSM, (methyl-Sulfonyl  Methane), is organic Sulfur, has incredible Anti-Inflammatory properties.  This is the most important health benefit that MSM offers.  Sulfur is one of the principle building blocks of hair (and nails).

Other Anti-Inflammatory products are spirulina, astaxanthin, turmeric, frankincense.

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“Proprietary Information” and Transparency

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Here is an email I got the other day.  

Hello there I’ve just been having a read through about your
knowledge on spirulina and chlorella and I must say it’s been very helpful to give me an understanding on them and I was wondering if you could help me as I live in England and my number one leading manufacturer for health and herbal products is called holland & barrett but I recently asked them for a certificate of analysis (COA) and they told me they can’t provide me with this as it contains proprietary information, And now I don’t know what to do from this if to take the spirulina or not so if you could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!, Tyrone

My Response Tyrone:

Thanks for your email. I have absolutely no idea what “proprietary information” would be in there. Some companies TCMC_COA_SE GP 20130419don’t want you to know their source. Sometimes they don’t want you to know that their products come from China.

As you know our company is an open book. See attached for a few examples what we send our customers.
Bob McCauley, ND

The Watershed Wellness Center
16280 National Parkway, Lansing, MI 48906


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India’s Most Popular Herb

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Ashwagandha, India’s most popular herb, is one of my core I have daily.  I take an extracted version of Ashwagandha, meaning the active ingredients have been concentrated.

  • Diuretic
  • Reduces Depression And Anxiety
  • Heart Tonic
  • Defends Against Cognitive Decline
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Pain Relief
  • Sleep Aid
  • Anti-Epileptic
  • Eye Health
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Anti-Tumor Combats Stress
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Tumors
  • Tuberculosis
  • Asthma
  • Leukoderma: A Skin Condition Marked By White Patchiness
  • Bronchitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Chronic Liver Disease
  • Even Combats Hiccups

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Pond Scum Nutridiot of the Year Award

Dr. Bob McCauley

Nutridiot – (nootretidēət)
Short Form of “Nutritional Idiot”
Noun – A person who is foolish or stupid regarding the subject of nutrition. A person who offers poor nutritional advice. A person(s) who mistakes junk for nutritional foods.

Note: First introduced in 2013 by Dr. Bob McCauley as a response to those who refused to recognize that certain algae are among the healthiest foods we can consume.

Spirlina is one of the two most powerful foods in the world.  However, in this video Dr. Dr_gregerGreger, MD,  a non-commercial, nonprofit, science-based public service, that apparently misinforms people on a daily basis about nutrition.  Spirulina eats away your muscles and kills us.   Dr. Michael Greger MD proves my theory that medical doctors know next to nothing about nutrition and natural health.  Dr. Mercola  proves that all the time.  Then he claims the Spirulina causes cancer.  Well, at least he’s not using scare tactics:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk4O232TVeE

The world is full of Nutridiots, the nutritionally challenged who run around misinforming us as to what foods are healthy and what foods are not. Dr. Robert O. Young, M.S., D.Sc., Ph.D. is right on some things, but a Nutridiot when it comes to the subject of algae.

He calls algae pond scum, along with nearly every follower of Ann Wigmore including the ann-wigmorefolks at the Creative Health Institute and Hippocrates in Florida.


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Exercise = Brain Activity

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Exercise Component 6There is no substitute for vigorous exercise and it is essential we do it daily if Great Health is our goal.  As with everything concerning health, consistency is obligatory if you expect to succeed.  In the absence of strength and numbers, wars have been won by nothing more than an army’s determination, purpose and persistence.

It is important that we exercise to the point of perspiring and deep-breathing for at least 2016-05-07 14.55.03fifteen minutes each day in order to work our cardiovascular system.  Sustained diaphoretic breathing invigorates and strains every bodily organ to some degree.  Cardiovascular exercise causes oxygen-rich blood to race through our arteries, cleansing everything it comes in contact with.  Regular exercise speeds up brain activity and decision-making.[i]

marathonOnce you get in shape, you can begin to push your limits further until your muscles are strained close to capacity without over-taxing them.  If determined, the average person can reach this level of training and exertion in 90 days or less.  Always remember that you are training to your capacity, to the level you are capable of reaching, not anyone else.  I run six-minute miles at my age because I have trained for years at this level and running comes naturally to me.  If your goal is to walk a mile within 30 days because you have an extreme health condition, then train to that level.

When you can workout to your personal limits and don’t have sore muscles the next day, Peter.then you have reached your goal.  Having sore muscles the day following strenuous exercise is caused mainly by the release of lactic acid from muscle tissue during exercise.[ii]  If you don’t exercise at all the day following strenuous exercise, lactic acid settles even deeper into the muscle tissue and worsens it further.  The only solution to this problem is to workout hard the day after strenuous exercise in order to flush lactic acid from the muscle tissue.

There are over 650 muscles in the body and I make it my goal to exercise each one of themRandy Couture everyday, which can be accomplished in as little as 10 minutes, although I recommend at least 30 – 60 minutes if you expect to effectively work each muscle.  I exercise 1 – 2 hours each day between all the various regimens I engage in, which include running, light weight lifting, isometrics, martial arts, push-ups, sit-ups and various other exercises.

Rather than give you specific ideas about what kind of exercises you should do, I want only to emphasize that Great Health is not possible without vigorous exercise each day.  Exercise builds the immune system in ways that nutrients cannot, which is why it is such an important component of Great Health.

It is possible to remain somewhat healthy, meaning disease free, and not exercise, but without regular exercise you will never possess robust health nor will you be able to rid your body of any disease that may be afflicting it.  Muscle tissue that is atrophied from lack of use becomes acidic and therefore is more likely to house disease, even for those who live mostly on raw foods.  Exercise is that important.

The time of day you exercise is not of any real consequence other than you should not exercise immediately following a meal.  I like to exercise in the early afternoon.  My best performances while running have always been when I have not eaten anything that day because I am not expending energy to digest.  The heaviness of foods alone is reason enough not to exercise after eating, which is especially true of cooked foods.  Because they are detoxified, the body of a raw foodist operates most efficiently when their stomach is empty.  The body of a cooked foodist is trying to detoxify when his/her stomach is empty; this can make it difficult to exercise due to the discomfort that sometimes accompanies detoxification, such as headaches, fatigue or diarrhea.

When we tear down muscle tissue we then need to rebuild it.  We can make it even healthy_older1stronger and more efficient than it was with powerful raw whole foods such as Spirulina and Chlorella because they include bodybuilding nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) and amino acids (protein), which form the foundation of every cell in the body.  Without these in our diet, building new muscle tissue is substantially more difficult.

Swimming is the best overall exercise for the human body followed by running.  We can accomplish more physically in the shortest period of time with cardiovascular exercises such as these than we can with any other kind of workout.  Coupled with upper body and abdomen drills, the entire body is exercised when we use cardio-builders such as running and swimming as the foundation of our daily workout regimen.  However, if your cardiovascular system is strained by walking because that is all you can manage, then that is the place you need to start.  Building up to a power-walk and then a jog should be your next goal.

Stretching our muscles and conditioning our tendons and ligaments each day is also of great importance to our health.  Stretching helps remove blockages and free up accumulated acid waste throughout the body, especially from the joints and around the organs, even between the cells themselves.  Dead cells and other intercellular debris that disrupt critical communication between cells is cleared away by stretching; this is especially effective when it is coupled with daily vigorous exercise.  In the body of the raw foodist, acid waste is quickly removed and daily exercise enhances that process.  Energy flows more freely through the body when its tissue is flexible, alkaline and clear of extraneous debris.  I spend 20 – 30 minutes each day stretching.  Upon waking, it is one of the first things I do because it invigorates the body and mind.

Simply stated, the more we move our body, the better our health will be.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes, it is imperative that we stretch and get some kind of exercise every day of our lives.

[i]  Annual Meeting Of The Society Of Psychophysiological Research in Montreal, Canada October 18, 2001.

[ii]  Lactic acid is a substance that forms in the muscles as a result of the incomplete breakdown of glucose.

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Chlorella/Spirulina and Vitamin C

By Dr. Bob McCauley

I client sent in a question: 

Can you tell me how much Vitamin C there is in either of these vitamin Cproducts? By the gram… Question: We need to know if we still have to buy real Vitamin C to add to our daily supplements or not. We have adults and children we are putting on Spirulina and chlorella. We want to make chlorella and spirulina the core of our daily supplements. Question: What else do we need to take on a daily basis along with these two products? Thanks, Emma P.

My response:

vitaminCGreat that you’re giving chlorella and spirulina to your children and take it yourself.  Most powerful foods on earth, by far.  I gave my boys both from 4 years old.  You could start chlorella and spirulina anywhere from 9 months. Both have vitamin C but the best place for Vitamin C is fresh fruit, citrus, mango, berries, many others – also fresh greens such as arugula or spinach. . Vitamin C is not stable so fresh foods are best, especially uncooked since cooking reduces the bioavailability of Vitamin C.

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Every Physiological Process in the Body Depends On This

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Minerals are the keys that allow the engine of our health to start.  Minerals are,Mineral-stackwithout doubt, amongst the most important nutrients required by the body.  Without minerals, bodily functions are greatly diminished. They are directly and indirectly involved in every physiological process, none of which could occur without them. Enzymes will not form or function properly without certain minerals.  Along with amino acids (protein), minerals are the basic building blocks of every cell in the body.  RNA/DNA, the blueprints to our cells, cannot function properly without certain minerals.  Amino acids cannot be created then formed into protein chains, nor absorbed by the body without the appropriate minerals.  The same is true for vitamins.  The effectiveness of essential vitamins is reduced without the presence of the specific minerals the body requires to assimilate them.  Dr. Linus Pauling stated: “Without minerals, vitamins are useless.” 

angstrom_minerals_HPMinerals are among the most important nutrients required by the body. They are directly and indirectly involved in every bodily process. Along with amino acids (protein), minerals are the basic building blocks of every cell in the body. Most of the physiological processes of the human body cannot occur without the presence of minerals. Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA), which are the blueprints to each cell, do not function properly without certain minerals. Amino acids cannot be created then formed into proteins, nor can they be absorbed and used by the body without minerals. The same is true for vitamins. While you may be consuming adequate amounts of vitamins, their effectiveness is diminished without the presence of the specific minerals
the body requires. Enzymes will not form nor function properly without the minerals they require to do so. Minerals are the keys that allow the engine of our health to start. Without them, bodily processes and functions are greatly diminished.

Bismuth: Digestive Problems. Antibacterial. Lyme disease.
Boron: Nervous System. Hormonal balance.
Calcium: Bone health. Nervous System. Regulates blood pressure.
Chromium: Regulates blood sugar and insulin. Weight management.
Cobalt: B Vitamin formation. Blood cell formation. Nervous System.
Copper: Premature gray, restores natural hair color. Iron metabolism.
Germanium: Arthritis. Increases oxygen in the body. Digestive.
Gold: Regulates sleep patterns. Brain function. Nucleic acid formation.
Indium: Anti-aging. Maintains hormone function (pituitary and hypothalamus).
Iodine: Thyroid function. Hair, skin, teeth and nail health.
Iron: Anemia and fatigue. Red blood cell formation. Tissue oxygenation.
Lanthanum: Tooth maintenance.
Lithium: Depression. Regulates serotonin levels.
Magnesium: Heart maintenance. Fatigue. Depression and senility. Bone and tooth maintenance.
Manganese: Adrenal glands and brain. Blood oxygenation. Memory.
Molybdenum: Detoxification. Youthfulness. Anemia.
Palladium: Prostate health.
Platinum: Protects and energizes DNA. Immune and brain function.
Potassium: Heart maintenance. Muscle, brain, and nerve health. High blood pressure.
Selenium: Antioxidant. Immune maintenance. Cadmium and mercury detoxification. Thyroid metabolism.
Silicon: Bodily Flexibility. Bone growth. Kidney stones, bladder and liver maintenance. Sleep regulation.
Silver: Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Lyme Disease.
Sodium: Bodily fluid and acid-base balance. HCL production. Cramps. Heat stroke nerves.
Sulfur: Skin, nails, hair, liver, and pancreas maintenance. Vitamin and enzyme creation. Reproduction.
Tin: Hair loss. Hearing loss.
Vanadium: Blood sugar. Inhibits cholesterol accumulation. Pancreas maintenance.
Zinc: Wound healing. Digestion and metabolism maintenance. Skin issues. Bad breath. Bone and teeth formation.

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Organic vs Conventional Chlorella/Spirulina: Which Is Better?

By Dr. Bob McCauley

Everyone wants Organically Grown fruits and vegetables.  Chlorella and Spirulina are no
different.   More and more people and companies want organic.   People want to know that the are not putting chemically-sprayed food into their bodies, at least if they actually care what they care about their health at all.  The question arises
whether organically grown foods are actually healthiest for you, and if they have the same nutritional value as conventionally grown.

Chlorella and Spirulina are grown using aquaculture, which is in water – not agriculture, which is in soil.  Therefore there are NO pesticides and herbicides used in the cultivation of Chlorella and Spirulina.  There are only food ingredients – “inputs” or fertilizers used in their cultivation.  They are Magnesium, Potassium, Nitrogen and AceticTCMC_Organic_Certificate_2017_ACO_Certificate_150309_CN-page-001 Acid.

Our Chlorella and Spirulina from Taiwan is grown organically, meaning that no chemicals or chemical fertilizers are used in the production cycle.

The problem of Acetic Acid.  Acetic Acid is found in vinegar and is excellent Anti-Infective, Anti-bacterial,  Anti-Cancer, Blood Glucose Control, Cardiovascular Support, Organic Acetic Acid is found in organic apple cider vinegar.  Inorganic Acetic Acid is identical in chemical structure but cannot be used in organic cultivation.

Certified Organic (CO) insures us that herbicides and pesticides have not been used in the growing of a fruit or vegetable or algae.  CO has become a necessary evil because without them you never know if something has been chemically sprayed or not.  Herbicides usda_nopand pesticides are deadly toxins in the body composed is hydrocarbons (oil-based substances) that are nearly impossible to get out of the body once they get inside it.  Hydrocarbons easily lodge themselves deep in the tissue and will not come out unless they are actively removed through some of the things I recommend to detoxify the body.  For instance, removing radiation can be removed from the body, however you must take measures to actively remove radiation, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and other toxins from the body through measures such as these.  If you do not they will likely remain in the body, embedded deeply in its tissue.

Know Your Source of Chlorella and Spirulina

The government began allowing chemical pesticides to be sprayed on crops in the late 1930’s and became prevalent by the 1940’s.  It wasn’t long before you could not find produce that had not been chemically sprayed, and “organically grown” soon became a thing of the past.  Chemical spraying was nothing short of a miracle because it increased production 10 fold.  No longer were crops destroyed by insects and/or fungus, nor werechlorella2 yields diminished by weed infiltration.  At the time no one considered the implications of these chemicals in our lives and one of the first to recognize this was Dr. Max Gerson who noticed that all the worms in any area that had been chemically sprayed had completely disappeared from that area.  This led to his tremendous contribution concerning the concept of chemical toxicity and its relation to disease.  This led to the development of the Gerson Therapy treatment.


Today, the term Certified Organic has taken on an air of snobbery, as if the idea of consuming food that has not been chemically sprayed is for the elite and well-bred when in fact it is a practical thing to do to say the least.  Why put something in your body that will chlorella-pond2just need to be removed, the sooner the better.  If you don’t remove toxins they can create an environment that is conducive to disease.  It is toxins, those substances that do not belong in the body, that disease lives on.  We find ourselves in the position of having to spend extra money, certified organic food are ALWAYS more expensive, and sounding like a snob only to get something that was just fine before the government allowed it to be chemically sprayed without knowing what the consequences would be.

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I’m At The BOTTOM of This List – Why You Can’t Tell People What To Eat

By Dr. Bob McCauley

You cannot tell people how to eat.  If you try to it will likely backfire on you and you’ll end up with exactly what you don’t want to happen.  If you want your children to be vegetarian, the last thing you want to do is tell them that they can’t eat meat.  They will rebel at some point, I assure you.  I will NEVER try to tell someone what to eat.  It is an exercise in futility and actually counterproductive to what you want to accomplish.

We are all in love with poison of some kind, whether it is steak, pizza, potato chips, soft yankee-pot-roast-6drinks, chocolate or fast foods. It is all poison and once we recognize these substances for what they are and what they do to the body, we can admit our addiction to them and begin to deal with it appropriately. But if we continue to believe they will not damage our health and are merely a “guilty pleasure” we will continue to be a slave to them, no different than any drug addict or alcoholic is a slave to those deadly substances. Drugs and alcohol destroy health quickly because they attack the mind and leave us unable to function adequately in society or interact with others in a constructive way. Extreme food addictions, such as bingeing, can destroy relationships, but when we “look healthy” to our friends and loved ones, any diet goes. We grin more than frown at others who have a junk food addiction.

frying panCooked-food addiction destroys us in a much more subtle way because it allows us to continue functioning in society without the penalty of it ruining relationships and careers the way mind-altering substance addictions can. There is not even the stigma associated with cooked-food addiction that there is with someone who smokes, for instance. We frown more on the addictions of others that affect us directly than those that don’t. Cooked-food addiction doesn’t affect us directly. Cooked foods are so deeply woven into the fabric of our society that the assumption is that they are healthy. Often this continues even after we have learned they are not.

It is quite difficult to remove an addiction from our life. Addictions are things that are meat-panharmful to our health, yet we cannot stop doing them. All addictions are physical, psychological and/or emotional and therefore are worldly in nature. Thus, removing worldly addictions from our lives is a spiritual event that raises us higher and improves our inner-being. Faith in God has been shown to help drug addicts recover from their addiction. Forgiveness breaks the addiction we have to grudges, seeking revenge and negative emotions of all kinds. Faith and forgiveness are important components of health.

We all have certain foods that we like and have a hard time avoiding. With me, those foods are pizza, coffee and chocolate. But I find that the more I stay away from them, the easier they are to avoid. Like anything else that we are addicted to, we must completely stay away from those substances because the chance of going back to them is too risky.

fast-foodSome people can jump into the raw food life with both feet, end their cooked-food addiction cold turkey and never go back. But that person is the exception. Most of us need to transition slowly into the raw food lifestyle. It took me five years to become a 99% raw foodist and even now I struggle against eating some of the poisons that I love. Each day I struggle not to eat cooked foods, as does everyone addicted to anything. Therefore, I consider myself a recovering cooked foodist.

fried-veggiesWe spend our childhood being conditioned to eat cooked foods. Raw foods are all but shunned by most families. Even in the womb we receive nutrients in a diminished capacity from our mother’s body, that of cooked, denatured foods. Therefore it can be said that the natural healthy state of the body is never realized and that we live our lives in a body that is completely different from the body that nature intended us to have. It exists in a condition that nature did not intend for it to exist, deformed, fattened, weakened and diseased.

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