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Snake Oil On Tap. The Ionized Water Scam.

I have been hearing for years what a scam Ionized Water is. I have heard it called “snake oil on tap”, yet no one has ever called for them to be removed from the market. Alkaline Water, Alkalized Water, Kangen Water, Miracle Water, Micro Water, Ion Water, Ionic Water, Electron Water, Electrolyzed Water: It’s all the same. Water that has been electrolyzed is most commonly called Ionized Water. And for some reason there is a great deal of opposition to it. Recently Dr. J. Mercola denounced Ionized Water. Dr. Andrew Weil has also found some excuse to dismiss ionized water. In fact, he did it twice. I am not a “believer” in Ionized Water anymore than I am a believer that the world is round and not flat. To have a belief Ionized Water and its positive effects on the health of those who consume it is a fact and not a “belief”. Continue reading

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Famous Athletes Endorse Watershed’s Natural Fitness Products

UFC Heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture, Bodybuilding legend Stan McQuay, undefeated UFC Lightweight Gray Maynard and former American Gladiator Jennifer Widerstrom have offered their endorsements to Watershed NatureBuilt superfood products. Continue reading

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Ionized Water IS Found in Nature

by Bob McCauley “The further you get from nature, the closer you get to the doctor.” ~ Dr. Bernard Jensen One of the most common false criticisms of Ionized Water I continue to hear is that it is not found … Continue reading

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My Rebuttal to Dr. Mercola’s Assessment of Ionized Water

This is not the first time someone with gravitas in the natural health industry has made disparaging remarks concerning ionized water, dismissing it as a “fad”, “snake oil on tap” and/or simply as a “scam” that will eventually be exposed for the fraud it really is. Dr. Andrew Weil, who has in the past offered a lot of excellent natural health advice, dismisses Ionized Water and I wrote a rebuttal to his dismissive comments. I have also debunked the debunkers of ionized Water, none of whom I believe have ever tried it. These misguided health professionals have missed the most important health advance in the history of mankind. Worse, they have potentially kept scores of people from integrating ionized water into their lifestyle and making themselves healthier.
Continue reading

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Who is behind the Water Ionizer “Comparison” websites?

Who is behind the Water Ionizer “Comparison” websites? A plethora of websites have sprung up on the internet that do nothing but compare water ionizers that are sold by various companies. They are professionally done and easy to navigate. But … Continue reading

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Why Buy a Water Ionizer

Rejuvenation through Ionized Water by Bob McCauley Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant. Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into an antioxidant with a NEGATIVE ORP (or charge), which retards the aging process. Put … Continue reading

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My Response to Dr. Robert Young and his book: The pH Miracle

I recently read The pH Miracle. Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health and found several points to disagree with in the book, which has recently become very popular. Dr. Young has done great work and I have a lot of respect for him and many of his concepts on health. However my areas of disagreement with him are profound because they refer to critical components of human health. We disagree on several other minor points such as the fact that he doesn’t encourage us to exercise, but others cannot go unchallenged because they are misguided in the most fundamental way. Continue reading

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The Dangers of Doctors

Let’s put things into perspective. What is more dangerous, eating healthy foods and subjecting yourself to the hands of the medical establishment? The list below should answer your question. Chance of Dying List Raw Foods: 1 in 100,000,000 Herbs: 1 … Continue reading

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My response to Andrew Weil, M.D. and His Opinion of Ionized Water

In a reply to a question about the validity of ionized water (alkaline water) on his website, Andrew Weil, M.D. ( www.drweil.com ) completely denounces the use of ionized water for better health. However, he could not be more wrong … Continue reading

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Seven Components of Great Health – No. 1: Water

By Dr. Bob McCauley Component 1: Start drinking ionized water consistently You need to hydrate your body because there is nothing more important regarding human health than a properly hydrated body, which translates into sufficiently hydrated cells throughout the body. If … Continue reading

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